Radio Show Week 1 of 2, down!

This week was just the beginning to the start of two crazy weeks but it’ll be manageable. A lot of logistical things and assignments went on this week so to me it was just prep for the bigger picture — THE RADIO SHOW, duh. So here is a break down of all that I did this week.

The first part of my week started on Monday at 9pm (good thing because we had a snow day the next day! :) )! I did the live tweet along to “Strangers on a Train” on  #DS106radio, which as always was super fun! I finally had the pleasure of actually interacting with Burtis on twitter! :) I also enjoy the conversation on there, even if it isn’t direct. Everyone pretty much is thinking the same way and the witty comments that everyone posts are always entertaining!

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 12.27.03 PM

During the course of the week I decided to work on my 10 stars of audio assignments!
My first 4 stars of the week I dedicated to my character dossier, Sylvia for her theme music!

The next 4 stars of the week were a conversation between Dory from Finding Nemo and myself!

Lastly, I dedicated my last 2 stars to my character dossier once again. This time it is for a bird call to actually attract Sylvia!

Another thing I did for the week was create a visual for my group’s radio show! I decided to combine a silhouette of three people and put our group name “The MaNOIRpulators” with a short saying below it, just to give a feel for what we have in store for our show!


Of course, throughout the course of this week, I’ve been commenting on fellow peers’ posts about their progress for the week and how they’ve been doing. I really have enjoyed everything I’ve heard and seen thus far! I can’t wait to see the completed projects at the end of next week!  Here are the posts I have commented on this week!

1. One of the assignments I commented on was by Spencer! It was a commercial promoting the buying of fedora hats.

2. Stephanie’s commercial about joining the Boston PD!

3. Sarah’s Spooky Hotel Sounds! These actually gave me goosebumps!

4. Apparently, I have a knack for posting comments on Spencer’s stuff but I really liked his “Noir We There Yet?” bumper sticker.

5.  Erin’s bird call for her character dossier! I gave her some constructive criticism using what someone else told me #criticismception!

6.  The fake radio commercial for the Horsemen! Such a cute idea.

7. Erin’s conversation with Elvis.

8.  Breakfast Club Conversation! Loved it!

9.  Jota’s sounds of relaxation, I hated this just because it made me miss summer!!! :)

10. Stephanie’s dramatic reading with OneRepublic!

To end the week, I did my summary of radio show week 1. It’s been pretty interesting and not too complicated thus far. I’m excited to see the outcomes of everyone’s radio shows.





It all started Monday Evening when I went to read the requirements for this week. Sheer panic overcame me when I saw the words “group project”. Usually, for many students group projects come with a negative connotation. I sat there looking blankly at the screen until I remembered that I knew some people in the class and thought about the awesome people I have met during the tweet-alongs. Suddenly, the anxiety of forming a group dissipated.

I decided to text Aubrey, who I met from my organic chemistry class at UMW, to see if she wanted to form a group! Luckily, she had some teammates who also were joining her group so that made forming a substantial group pretty simple! I was super excited because in my opinion, the hard work had been done! I did not have to worry about my fate being in Groom, Burtis, and Bond’s hands.

We’ve been communicating through group texts throughout the week, giving each other little progress about what we’ve created and ideas about what our radio show will be about! I’m excited to keep working with my group, can’t wait to see what we come up with.

The MaNOIRpulators, coming soon…



This is my “The MaNOIRpulators” promo poster. I chose a picture of two women and a man to show a concept behind our radio broadcast that I found on the internet and used pic monkey to do some editing to it. I added the lipstick marks using picmonkey’s images and did some overlay with different types of typography to give it a sense of noir! :)

Want to Attract a Sylvia?

2 Stars

For my last audio assignment for this week, I decided to do the bird call assignment where you make an audio clip to attract a certain person. I decided that my certain person that I am trying to attract should be my character dossier Sylvia! The sounds I chose for this assignment was a cat call, bar scene/party sound in the background, pouring of an alcoholic beverage (PSA – don’t listen to this if you have to go to the bathroom!), and clinking of glasses, p.s. I found all of these through freesound. I used Audacity to compile the sounds together and overlap them on top of the bar scene sound, much of this was simple copying and pasting the sounds together and adjusting sound volumes so you could hear the sounds I wanted to emphasize.  Since my character enjoys the party and social scene I thought this would be a good decoy to attract her!

Dory & Me

4 Stars

I decided to challenge myself and go for another 4 star assignment for this week. I did the SoundBoard conversation assignment. Before I go off into detail about what I did for this assignment, I would first like to ask where the heck SoundBoard has been all my life?! I love all the sound effect options and I’m wondering how I overlooked it for so long… Anywaysssss, down to business.

Basically, I went on to SoundBoard and just randomly search through the movie sound clips they had and then I got a random idea that I could have a conversation with Dory from FINDING NEMO! I chose this one because that is like my favorite movie ever, and two because I feel like Dory and I relate on many levels.. Scary, I know. So I found a few clips that I like the best (particularly the “do ya, DO YA?!” one and compiled them together in audacity with me responding to her! Hope you enjoy! :)

Theme Music!

4 stars

So I decided to do the theme music audio assignment for my character Sylvia. I compiled together sounds of cat calls, the “tell me about it stud” quote from Grease, and some smooth jazz music using the Audacity program. The Grease quote I think show the sass of my character and how she is pretty full of herself. The rest I feel is pretty noir-esqe — especially the jazz tunes.

Week End

First thing I did for this week was do the read and reflect on Viganelli‘s design book. I found a lot of interesting things about design and trying to incorporate them into my work for the week whether it was my design assignments or the design blitz. However, his book was a little different than how we are using it in the digital age though. I really liked the section on calligraphy though, I think it is so beautiful to be able to writing in different fonts.

The next assignment for the week was watching a movie and reflecting on how it portrays noir by the design within it. I watched Blade Runner for this and discovered that the things that are timeless and not specific within noir is the lighting and the unique camera angles.

The major assignment for this week was the DesignBlitz assignment where I took pictures of my day to day life while finding stuff that creates design. A lot of my pictures were taken at the cupcake shop, Sweet Reasons, because convinently my friend and I got cupcakes and a lot of the things caught my design eye! ;) Here is one of my favorite pictures from the assignment:


Of course as always, we have our daily creates for the week! This week I found to be the hardest week for me to actually get motivated to do them. Not quite sure why, perhaps it’s the spring break fever kicking in.







Then, the design assignments for the week!  ~ 6 of my stars were dedicated to my character dossier Sylvia and the rest were just getting my creative juices flowing

The Bumper Sticker  – 2.5 stars for my Character Dossier

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 11.44.44 AM

Cartoonize – 3.5 for my Character Dossier


Where’s Groom? – 4.5 stars

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.27.28 AM

GUESS THE MOVIE (4 images) – 2.5 stars

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.08.30 PM

And lastly, I read and reflected on the copyright laws. This was pretty interesting and good to know. I had no idea about the creative commons law and how everything worked. However, it is a lot different from paper to the internet because of how accessible everything is online!

What a great week!







4.5 Stars

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.27.28 AM

The assignment I chose was to make a poster for the search of Professor Groom using a famous media. I chose to use the “Where’s Waldo” idea to put a funny spin on Groom’s missing and the actual assignment! To do this I used powerpoint, cropped the photo of Professor Groom using the cropping tool and super imposed it onto the background using a layering technique. 


When reading Vignelli’s book on design, one thing that really stood out to me was his idea that the artwork should speak for itself.  Thus, the piece should not need any explanation because it would leave the person more confused than just the admiration of the art itself.

“[if] no one understands the result, or the meaning of all that effort, the entire work is useless. Sometimes it may need some explanation but it is better when not necessary. Any artifact should stand by itself in all its clarity.”

I thought this point was very helpful especially when thinking about the types of things I want to capture for the design portion. Also, this includes his idea of timelessness, he wants designs to last forever and be understood forever without complication. I think the idea of timelessness is intriguing and it something really to strive for. He also emphasizes the necessity to be simple and elegant when creating designs, thus ensuring that there is timelessness for the design.

His opinion on ambiguity was very eye opening, it took a different perspective on something that does not have much there and can be interpreted in different ways. I like that he shed an optimistic light on it and made it to be a positive thing that could be interpreted in multiple ways.

“I have a positive interpretation of ambiguity, intended as a plurality of meanings, or the ability of conferring to an object or a design, the possibility of being read in different ways – each one complementary to the other to enrich the subject and give more depth.”

My favorite thing about the reading was that Vignelli takes simple things and alters them to create design, for example his idea that white space is the biggest thing when it comes writing because it creates the design. He takes everything into account and makes sure the colors, font size, alignment, lighting, sizing, and more are brought into account before beginning his design process. It is much more than just finding something and shooting it or typing up papers without any change to the font. Design is the driving force to intrigue people and capture attentions, which is seen through the logos.


The copyright act allows creators to have rights and control over who can use their work, this includes a multitude of media. Thus, they must be credited to all of their work (usually in money) that is used in someone else’s work or can only be used by the person who holds the right to their work. This makes sense because if you create a masterpiece that changes someone’s idea of something, you would not want to have some Joe-Shmoe taking credit for your work. They can be now be charged with plagiarism if they use something that is not theirs and does not credit the original publisher.

The “fair use” doctrine is basically the legal ability to be able to use someone else’s work, even if it is copyrighted, if it is being used to create something new and will be useful, such as a non-profit organization commercial or ad. Thus, the work of the other person must be manipulated enough that it is completely different than the original work. For this, you do not have to ask for the permission of the original own, hence the name “fair use”, almost like “fair game”.  I feel like there is a lot of grey area in this doctrine because it’s hard to determine if it would necessarily be okay or not. I feel like for me personally, I would just cover my butt by crediting the work to the original owner, just so something legal doesn’t arise.

The idea of copyright commons, is to have many of the same rights as the copyright law but also allow people to use their work for creative reasons, giving people access to their work. It is basically a type of license that one can get for their work so it is protected but it also has space for people to be able to use it as a non-profit type deal. I think this is interesting because not everyone can pay for a lot of copyrighted work so the fact that some people will allow their work to be used is really neat and is doing a favor to people like us who are using it for educational purposes.

I think the digital age has made it a lot easier to steal people’s work because of the simple copying and pasting and the fact that everything is at our fingertips. It is also a lot more ambiguous as to what can or cannot be used from the internet, especially when you go to google and select images, it is easy to pick a photo you like and copy it and paste without thinking twice. For my work, I haven’t really thought of the fact that other people have access to it. I feel like it’s also not something I would feel the need to have to spend money to have a license to protect my work. Perhaps if I had super intense ideas that I was super proud of and didn’t want anyone else to take, I would go the extra length to protect them but for now, I’m okay with anyone using my work in moderation to help create their works.. a little accreditation wouldn’t hurt though!