Broadcast Brainstorming!

Here are a few ideas for some radio broadcasts — I really want to include the character dossiers because I feel that they have had a huge part of this class so far and I think continuing that idea would help build onto the characters and make them more tangible.

– I think a cool idea would be using the character dossiers that we have been developing over the course of the semester and using them to create a talk show  or skit type thing

– Using swanky and dramatic music and sound effects to enhance the scenes

– Criminal broadcast radio, talking about most wanted criminals and mobsters, this could include accents and warrants could be put out for criminals (our character dossiers when fit)

– Interviews/news stories with other character dossiers

Mashup Madness

3 1/2 Stars

For one of my assignments this week I decided to do the Music Mash-up which was super difficult. Not only was it difficult to have to mash the songs together but it was really hard to find songs that sound similar and wasn’t super choppy to have to mash together. For mine I did You Da One by Rihanna and True Love by P!nk, I thought they had pretty similar concepts behind them even though they sound pretty different. Considering this was my first time “mashing” some music, I didn’t think I failed too horribly! :)


This week I chose to do the “I’m Sorry” picture for my daily create. I chose a picture of a sleeping puppy because of my obvious “I love dogs” reason and I also added an “I’m Sorry” for something that a typical puppy would do, all my dogs owners know what I’m talking about with this ;) .


My second daily create, I transformed my car (a beautiful lime green Ford Fiesta) into a DS106 car! I added the lips because my car is a sassy girl and some DS106 #4life graffiti to show my loyalty!



Sound in Noir

Sound is the ribbon that ties everything together whether it be movies, radio shows, or podcasts. Sound enhances everything and creates a more dimensional and dramatic effect for the media.

A many thing I have noticed in many of the audio items of noir that I have listened to and seen have used a switch in the audio to change the mood of the scene, for example it goes darker and more mysterious when something bad is about to happen. Basically, the audio sets the mood for the whole picture. It is almost as equality as effective to the overall effect of the movie as the visual and plot line elements. Although sounds have no always been around and many people truly enjoyed silent movies, the sounds have emphasized the scenes and have helped create suspense and intensity the dramatic effect.  Helen Hanson agrees with this statement in her article “The Ambience of Film Noir – Soundscapes, Design, and Mood” by saying

“… the tones and moods of film noir flow from the expressiveness and design of its soundtrack and scores as much as its visual iconography.”

Even in visual noir, the sound is important because it coincides with the visual aspect and is used to create suspense within the scene. For example, it is used for foreshadowing. Before something intense happens, you can usually notice a switch in the background music — i.e. it’ll go from happy, cheerful music to something deeper and more dramatic sounding. In the two videos we watched for this week, “The Touch of Evil” edited version, there was more suspenseful music and it fit everything that was going on with much less background noise. It was focusing on setting the mood. In the un-editted version of the opening, there was a lot more background noise and the mood did not feel as set because there wasn’t any music to accompany it. Thus, I felt the atmosphere was more obviously set in the edited version than the unedited.

During the tweet along this week with DS106 radio, I thought that the music was up to par with what was actually happening in the story. It made it much more interesting to listen to! Not only were the sound effects good but the way the people in the radio broadcast were talking and interacting with each other was like you could almost imagine what was happening. To me that is the purpose of audio, to be able to close your eyes and visual what is happening, ideally the audio will be good enough to be able to do that!

Another One Bites The Dust

This week was pretty hectic, not just for this class but in all of my classes! However, I thought this week was pretty fun with all of the picture taking and thinking about what is examples of noir! I also thought it was interesting when I did my reflection of my own personal experience with photography and how I actually am not a big photographer unless it comes to instagram selfies and pictures of my dogs!

For this week’s closing blog post I think I’ll start with the “major assignment” for the week which was including elements of noir into photography that you take. I had a lot of fun with this! I decided to go to the Fredericksburg train station platform at around dusk and take pictures of the environment. Here is what I captured!

Another big assignment for the week was watching two noir films and capturing still framed photos from the films to capture elements of noir. I chose the films: Killer’s Kiss and The Hitchhiker, both of which I really enjoyed. To capture the still images, I used the key strokes ctrl+command+4 (on a mac) which take a screenshot of the image. It was pretty hard to just pick three images from the two films because I kept finding more and more examples of noir in each scene.

I have to say the part of this week’s assignments that I found most enjoyable was the visual assignments from the assignment bank. All of the explanations are found in the separate blog posts for each assignment I did. So, I did the..

LOLcats with Shakespeare quote assignment;as

Favorite quote overlaid on scenery assignment;


Comparing the Past to the Present Assignment;

PicMonkey Collage

and finally, the what’s in the bag assignment for my character dossier;


To close out the week, I did my daily creates starting Friday with the paper sculpture video where I decided to create a snow flake out of paper through cutting different shapes;

Then Saturday with my instructions of an every day item where I described how to use a clickable pen and a capped pen;

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 6.59.49 PMand finally, my last creation was made today. This was to draw a picture without picking up your pencil;


All in all, I thought this week was very successful and I’m looking forward to next week! :)




Creations Made Daily #2

Daily Creation 1 of the week

I decided to make a unique paper sculpture of a snowflake! Definitely not my best work but paper is really hard to manipulate!

Daily Creation #2 of the week

This creation was just writing instructions to an every day item. I chose to write about using a pen (both clickable and capped)!

Daily Creation #3 of the week

This daily create was making a drawing without lifting your pencil. The only thing I could think of drawing/can actually draw is a stick figure and a tree… so that’s exactly what I did! :)