Jewel and Sylvia’s Murderess Story Map

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I decided to do the story map assignment for this week.

The story map included my character dossier Sylvia and Kendall Parker’s character dossier Jewel. I kind of used this as a spin off from our radio show, this is because of how I did the seduction using both Jewel and Sylvia like we did in the MaNOIRpulators.

The story line behind the map is that the two women are trying to find the man who killed one of their good friends. In order to do this they have to travel all the way across the world to try to locate him and do their friendship duty of killing him off. The pictures I used for the map all came off of a google image search!

Hope you enjoy!

Beau to Our Cat – Amy Faghella

This post was Amy doing an video assignment for her noir character dossier. 

Amy’s post inspired me to work on my video editing. I thought the way she made the video from different scene in a tv show come together to create a single story line to mesh with her noir character was really clever and it worked. I thought this was amazing and flawlessly done.

Wanna Watch My Dog Hump Me – Emily Bostaph

Wanna watch my dog hump me for her daily create about things that scare Emily!

So even thought this wasn’t exactly what the assignment asked for, I thought it was freaking hilarious. This girl reminds me of a stand up comedian and how she came up with some of these things was beyond my realm of comprehension but it definitely made for entertainment value. This was by far one of the most clever and hilarious things I’ve watched through DS106.

This inspired me to think more outside of the box and what the assignment is asking to make it more enticing and creative.

Poetry & DNA – July Laszakovits

One of my inspirations is a poetry reading on DNA by July Laszakovits! July’s work on this inspired me because it incorporated both her noir character and herself (because she’s a science major) into her poetry. I really liked how she was able to incorporate the ways of the DNA through her poetry and you can tell that she has a lot of knowledge on the subject. Being the huge science nerd I am, I really enjoyed the subject of this and I thought her execution was phenomenal. This helped me think outside of the box!

Yeah I Can Rap – Tiffany Yowell


Tiffany’s “Yeah I can Rap” blog was amazing for one of the audio assignments. It was crazy creative and it really allowed her to give insight on her character. One of the things that stood out to me about her rap was how much effort she put into making the script, creating the background audio, and just doing the rapping itself. I thought it took guts to actually rap for everyone to hear but she totally did it and I give her a lot of kudos for that! Way to go Tiffany, you inspired me to break free of my shell and take the leap to do things that I wouldn’t normal do. Thank you!

Radio Shows for Days

So I decided to listen to the class radio shows and do the live tweet along Wednesday evening! Part of this was for personal reasons (our own radio show for the class was playing)!

The three radio shows I listened to were  The MaNOIRpulators (our show), Dead Silence, and The Steadfast Sleuths. For each show, the one thing that stuck out to me was the ability to create depth within the shows through the sound effects. I thought the transitions in the shows were also very smooth and had a very realistic feel. In all three of the shows you felt like you were in the surrounding (or at least you could imagine everything).

Dead Silence was the one show I remember the best and I think that was due to the impact of the sound effects on the show and actually creating the atmosphere. I thought the way the group collaborated on everything made it flow smoothly and effortlessly. I really enjoyed the commercials that were used and the creativity behind them. Overall, I thought it was an awesome show and everyone who worked on it seemed to have done very well.

Here is one of my tweets from the SteadFast Sleuths tweet-along!

One of my tweets about one of the awesome commercials during Dead Silence!

And finally, a tweet from our own radio show which I listened to as well from the one and only Jim Groom #tootingourhorn :)

I loved listening to the radio shows from other groups, not only was it entertaining but it was nice to see how the other groups collaborated together and to actually experience their final products! Everyone’s shows turned out fantastically! :)

Creates of the Week

Daily Create #1

For this daily create, we were supposed to create something that we thought was funny and record it. I thought about something that makes me laugh really hard and all I could think of was silly jokes and puns. I took a recording of myself telling a joke in different rooms of my house using props. I used iMovie on my macbook to record this! Hope you enjoy.

Daily Create #2

For this daily create I took a piece of printer paper with some sharpies and wrote my ransom note on it. I thought putting a little star wars spin on it would make it cuter. :)

Ransom for Groom

Daily Create #3

For this daily create I wrote a rhyming poem about what music does to you. It more about the physical impact music has and makes someone feel!

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 10.23.34 PM

Radio Show Done, Spring Break Here I Come

This week went much more smoothly than I originally thought it would. I loved my group I got to work with! We were super great at communicating when it came to our radio show. Like always, I did some commenting on other peers’ posts this week and did my three daily creates for the week. Once this is posted I am FREE for (my not so) Spring Break!

Daily Creates

Creation #1

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 3.03.33 PM

Creation #2


Creation #3


1. An emoji story

2. My group member, Aubrey’s post about our show

3. Edith’s heel concept daily create

4. Radio Show for The SteadFast Sleuths (one of the characters has my last name!)

5. Ain’t No one Fresher Than My Clique

6.  Brian’s Weekly Summary

7.  Completing House of Noir

8.  Savannah Hating on Vimeo

9.  More daily creates 

10.  Jota’s Heel Concept

Radio Show Week 2 Summary

Linked in here I have our google document with our script and communications! All in all it is a nice little summary of how our compiling of our radio show went!




Do you even Radio? Week 2

At first I was really nervous about the idea of an online group project but I was really happy with how well my group collaborated on everything! First, we established a group text with me, Aubrey, Kendall, and Brianne. Then Kendall went ahead and created our google doc, where we started our collaboration for the dialogue! This went really smoothly because we all left notes and added to the dialogue as we went a long.. (Side Note – I think google docs is the coolest thing ever!). After this, we determined that our next step was to start the recording process!

We started our own recordings for our dialogue! For this I just used the google document to read the dialogue aloud and recorded my parts through audacity. I used some voice inflection to make sure my emotion fit what was actually happening in the skit so I did not sound monotoned. I sent the recordings and my radio bumper to Kendall so she could compile all of our sounds into one recording.

Group texting and google documents was our best source of communication for this project and personally I think it went very smoothly considering the awful weather that got in our way and using media to communicate! I was really lucky to have awesome group members, we all were open to suggestions and were able to make decisions together and with ease! :)