Daily Creations!

Daily Create #1 – Poem for Weasel

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 3.03.33 PMHere I made a little AA BB rhyming scheme poem for the birthday of “the weasel”! I wanted to make sure I included a happy birthday to him. Then I submitted the poem to the website! :)

DAILY CREATE #2 – Heel Concept


For this daily create, I used 3 textbooks for my major and decided to use them as my make shift heel for the random heel assignment! I thought it would raise my heel off of the ground and it also has a part of my life incorporated into it (biology!!). And yes, those are snoopy socks.. I had just gotten off work! :)

Daily Create #3 – What scares you?

For this daily create, I found some pictures on the internet of things that scared me and I tried to compile that into something that could be used as a movie concept. I added some creepy background music to give it more of an effect then added it to Youtube!