Two Dailies

Daily Create #1 – Happy Birthday, Black! 

For this daily create, I found a picture of a black cat off of the internet using a google search. I found the fiercest noir cat I could find and using to overlay the wording and little graphic!


Daily Create #2 – Kindle Cover

For this, I followed the same process as above, I found a picture through a google toggle engine and used to over lay the wording.

Kindle Cover



So Official

2 stars – Business Card for the Agency

With the new agency developing, we’ve been trying to get set up as best as we can while making everything super official. Nothing too fancy but I’ve been getting into making the designs and getting the word out about our agency. Say, if you need someone to help you get out of a sticky situation with your lover, give us a buzz!

For this assignment, I used a free business card maker and put some of our information for our agency on it! Check us out.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.11.26 AM