Theme Music!

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So I decided to do the theme music audio assignment for my character Sylvia. I compiled together sounds of cat calls, the “tell me about it stud” quote from Grease, and some smooth jazz music using the Audacity program. The Grease quote I think show the sass of my character and how she is pretty full of herself. The rest I feel is pretty noir-esqe — especially the jazz tunes.

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Hello all! I'm a super outgoing junior at Mary Washington! I'm a biology major with a focus in pre-veterinary studies. :)

3 thoughts on “Theme Music!”

  1. This makes Sylvia seem like quite the character. Great choice on quote, even though its short its very to the point and really all you needed!

  2. You did an awesome job with this theme music! Very noir and the “tell me about it stud” gave it all the more character. I can just image her walking down the street to this music, good job!

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