I’m so Pinteresting!

Your Pinteresting Character – 2 stars

For this assignment, I made a pinterest! This is by far the coolest invention ever and I truly believe that every female should have one.. I hope this doesn’t give away too much about my job though… OH well!

Check out my pinterest and learn more about me!

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Hello all! I'm a super outgoing junior at Mary Washington! I'm a biology major with a focus in pre-veterinary studies. :)

6 thoughts on “I’m so Pinteresting!”

  1. Ah! Your pins are so something I would have on my Pinterest account. I guess we are best friends for a reason! Btw…it does give away a tad bit about your job, but I promise I won’t tell!
    Jewel out.

  2. Great work here! I like how you laid out your board and everything fits together really well, design-wise. It looks awesome and it’s clear you know how to incorporate a lot of what we’ve learned so far into a single assignment.

  3. Love your pins! I like how organized you did your pins. I can learn more about Sylvia from them, good job!

  4. Love all your pins! A repinned a couple myself. I really liked the shoes and I may have to try some of those red ones in addition to my black heels! I noticed we do have a few of the same things pinned haha

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