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For my noir safari photoshoot, I decided the most rugged place to get some noir-esque photos would be the Fredericksburg train station. So naturally, that is where I went! I asked one of my good friends to go with me on this adventure (because everything is better in twos!). Here are a few of the pictures I captured at dusk with some noir elements!


This was taken when the VRE was arriving at the loading deck. I saw a few noir features in this snap, like the venetian blind effect of the trains siding and of the yellow warning strips texture. You also get distinct shadows from the train and the people in the background. I also used an unusual camera angle, using reflection from the train and giving it a tunnel like effect by being so near the train when taking the picture. This also has lighting coming from one side of the photo, from the street lamps. Another element is the grittiness of the train station, the idea of the concrete jungle.


This is by far my favorite picture from my noir safari experience. I also think it contains the best example of the noir elements. First of all, you get the grittiness of the train station, especially the railroad tracks. You also get the venetian blind effect in many parts of this picture like in the over hang to the left, the railroad tracks themselves, the lights, and the yellow warning strip texture. You also get shadows, which extenuate the eerie-ness of the empty train station. I could argue that this is also an odd angle because it is capturing the whole station from a single point of view, in the corner.


This was a cargo train that was passing through, it was moving really fast but the grittiness of the train itself was captured and again the grittiness of the railroad track. The venetian blind is once again see in the railroad tracks, the train cars, and the yellow warning strip. Lighting from one side was done by the street lamps behind me.


Shadows were a prominent theme in this photo as the sun went down I found it was easier to capture more shadows, especially by the way the lamp posts were casting shadows and creating an eerie emphasis on the empty train station once again. Venetian blind effect is seen in the concrete railing, lamps, and the over hang.  Grittiness of the train station was shown here, especially with the worn concrete.

I really enjoyed this project! I thought it was exciting to visit somewhere I had never been and shoot pictures. It took a lot of thought to get at least a few of the noir elements in each picture.

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