Random Words with Agent Squirrel

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Random Words: hatchet, mighty, number, console, agent immunity, narcotic, powerful, division, vixen

Animal: Squirrel

Agent squirrel gained powerful immunity against the mighty drug lord squirrel who sold a number of  narcotic tree nuts. Agent squirrel went to console him after the vixen squirrel of his drug division was viciously murdered by a hatchet during hunting season.

This little narrative about Agent Squirrel was actually really fun to write. I liked the challenge of picking words at random from the random word generator and coming up with an off the wall story. I chose the animal of squirrel because 1. they’re all over UMW’s campus and 2. my mom thinks it’s a good nickname for me for some odd reason (I also kinda like the furry fellas). I’m not super thrilled with the outcome of the story but considering the were some random words that did not really have anything to do with each other I’d say I did a dang good job! ;)

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Hello all! I'm a super outgoing junior at Mary Washington! I'm a biology major with a focus in pre-veterinary studies. :)

One thought on “Random Words with Agent Squirrel”

  1. I have squirrels – I think they’re squirrels – living in the walls and ceiling of my apartment. I hope they’re not drug-crazed. It sometimes sounds like they’re sharpening something though, so maybe I should be worried.
    When you do assignment posts, you need to follow the tagging convention. This one should have two tags: WritingAssignments and WritingAssignments1500.
    With every assignment, you should also say something about the process you went through and give your thoughts on the result. That’s actually the important part – narrating the process and reflecting on the product is worth more than just producing the work.

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