Case Closed

After two long weeks of the investigation of NoirCat, we finally found her. However, to this dismay of Maggie, NoirCat will not be returning. We at BWA took on NoirCat as a client and helped her disappear with a new identity after finding her and getting the scoop on why she left to begin with.

After a long man hunt, we finally found NoirCat in a safe house located in downtown Fredericksburg where she was residing. Once we determined her location we requested and interview with her in which she obliged. We got a lot of information from her and we determined that for the sake of her own happiness we were going to help her escape using her “pussport” and change identities. We send Maggie a basket with a note from Meowdred (now Ivanna) stating her case, a few pictures from where she resides now permanently, and an invoice from us because… you know, that’s business.

I hope all of this gives Maggie a piece of mind knowing that NoirCat is now happy and in a safe, cat friendly environment. Unfortunately this could not be a happy reunion but we at BWA after here to end objectification and that’s exactly what we felt we needed to do for NoirCat.

Here are the details of THE BASKET.

To see the whole case in depth please go to our website.




Just another day in the life of BWA

Yet another few days have passed and our investigation is still under way. We have yet to actually located NoirCat but we did have a close call at the Cat’s Closest down on Caroline street, this location came in from an unknown source. In the process we came across some interesting evidence such as Meowdred’s collar with Maggie’s name scratched out, her name tag, and an abandoned building in which DNA evidence came back to confirm that the hair strands found at the building were actually NoirCats. 

Here is the picture we captured of NoirCat fleeing the scene at the Cat’s Closest 


When leaving the Cat’s Closet, we found a trail of soft paws. After further investigation, we discovered lettering on each of them spelling out “don’t find me”. Not sure if this is a set up or if NoirCat actually is actually sending us mixed messages! 

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BWA at your service

This week has actually been a lot of fun trying to piece together the evidence and create a story behind the evidence that we have. Me and the girls met to discuss all of our ideas and everything seemed to flow smoothly while we all agreed on our plans of action! There’s not much we can actually say about the investigation right now but we can give you a run down of our progress.

This is from the start of the investigation when we first got our mission.

Then we started obtaining more evidence in order to hopefully find NoirCat and to get her opinion on the entire situation — with that being said, we do not have a known location of NoirCat.

For continuous updates, feel free to keep up with us @blackwidow_BWA or check out our website!




Collecting the Evidence!

After receiving our case file from the Noir106 crew, we, The Black Widow Agency, met to discuss our take on the case and how we were going to handle the situation. We decided our first plan of action was going to be to actually visit some of our suspects: Daphne and Groom. This is where we found our first sets of evidence. In order to get our second piece of evidence, Jewel actually interviewed Daphne to see why she decided to eat the ransom note and what her relationship with Meowdred actually was. While at Groom’s, Edie and Jewel spotted a peculiar device laying on the TV stand which Edie then determined it to be a disabling device for the microchip tracker that was placed in NoirCat, we made this our third piece of evidence. After collecting all of the evidence we could at Groom’s place, we then decided to leave and head to a stroll when we ran into more evidence, this time the evidence was very personal. We found NoirCat’s tag on the road at the corner of College Ave and William Street we decided to split up and two of us went towards downtown on William street while the other two went the opposite direction. Edie and I were in charge of going to downtown to see if we could uncover more evidence. When we got to the intersection of Caroline St and William St, we noticed a shiny bright pink collar sitting in the yard in front of an abandoned old building. I snapped some pictures of the evidence so we could put this in the case file, the only thing odd about the materials we found, was the fact that Maggie Black’s name was scratched out where the collar said “If Found Return to”. This has definitely thrown us for a loop in the investigation. Hopefully we will uncover a lot more telling evidence and finally find NoirCat to get her where she needs to be.



Investigation Underway!

I was ecstatic when Jewel called and informed me that we had been given an investigation involving the mysterious disappearance of Meowdred Pierce. Meowdred Pierce a.k.a. NoirCat mysteriously disappeared from Maggie Black’s care and Ms. Black decided to file a case report on her beloved cat’s disappearance.

Through some very superficial evidence gathering, we, the agents here at BWA, created a suspect board and made a list of possible suspects for the disappearance of NoirCat. The suspects we have right now are Groom, Joan Crawford (VMD that inserted the microchip tracker in NoirCat), Daphne (Groom’s dog), and of course for investigative reasons, Maggie Black. Maggie Black is being listed as a suspect strictly because she was the last one to actually see NoirCat.

Our first tangible piece of evidence is a disembodied ransom letter that was found in Daphne, Groom’s dog’s stool. As you can see from the photo, pieces of the ransom note have been digested! The real mystery is where is the meeting point and at what time is the meet.

"We have you cat. If you ever want 2 see ur cat again, meet @ the pie..."

After obtaining more evidence about NoirCat’s vet visit with Joan Crawford including the placement of the microchip, which is now deactivated and is not able to communicate with Black’s tracking device and the extreme altercation been Groom and Daphne (Was this a kidnapping gone sour?!) we were able to officially start our mapping of the suspects and evidence.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 4.15.04 PM

No case is too trivial or too large for the Black Widow Agency. We will find who took NoirCat and we will bring them to justice.





Weekly Report!

This was a pretty light week, you know considering we’re forming agencies that are going to follow us for the rest of our DS106 Careers and all! I’m so glad I got back with my girls and reunite to form an official agency!

Our agency is called BWA (Black Widow Agency) consisting of our Founder, Margret, Cofounder, Edie and Jewel, and a top agent, me — Sylvia Stone. Check out our website to learn more about us. We all worked together to make this agency (and the website) what it is!

The next large portion of this week was the 10 stars of assignments. I actually had a lot of fun with these! (I even went a little over the stars limit!

The Buzzfeed Quiz – 3 stars

Agency Business Card – 2 stars

My Pinterest – 2 stars

My Resume – 3 stars

Of course, we also have our usual daily creates, however this week was only two which is a light week for us! I did a daily create for Black’s birthday and the daily create for the kindle book cover for DS106!

Finally, we have the general commenting on peers works to see their progress. I love see how the other agencies are forming, but ours is still the best! :)





Which MaNOIRpulator are you?

Buzzfeed Quiz Assignment – 3 stars

For this assignment, I used my gmail account ( to create a Buzzfeed account, which if you don’t know what Buzzfeed is…definitely check it out in your free time! I used the make quiz option to make a quiz on which member of the BWAgency you are. Figure it out and let me know, if you’re lucky we might even consider you as an agent!

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