Case Closed

After two long weeks of the investigation of NoirCat, we finally found her. However, to this dismay of Maggie, NoirCat will not be returning. We at BWA took on NoirCat as a client and helped her disappear with a new identity after finding her and getting the scoop on why she left to begin with.

After a long man hunt, we finally found NoirCat in a safe house located in downtown Fredericksburg where she was residing. Once we determined her location we requested and interview with her in which she obliged. We got a lot of information from her and we determined that for the sake of her own happiness we were going to help her escape using her “pussport” and change identities. We send Maggie a basket with a note from Meowdred (now Ivanna) stating her case, a few pictures from where she resides now permanently, and an invoice from us because… you know, that’s business.

I hope all of this gives Maggie a piece of mind knowing that NoirCat is now happy and in a safe, cat friendly environment. Unfortunately this could not be a happy reunion but we at BWA after here to end objectification and that’s exactly what we felt we needed to do for NoirCat.

Here are the details of THE BASKET.

To see the whole case in depth please go to our website.




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