Collecting the Evidence!

After receiving our case file from the Noir106 crew, we, The Black Widow Agency, met to discuss our take on the case and how we were going to handle the situation. We decided our first plan of action was going to be to actually visit some of our suspects: Daphne and Groom. This is where we found our first sets of evidence. In order to get our second piece of evidence, Jewel actually interviewed Daphne to see why she decided to eat the ransom note and what her relationship with Meowdred actually was. While at Groom’s, Edie and Jewel spotted a peculiar device laying on the TV stand which Edie then determined it to be a disabling device for the microchip tracker that was placed in NoirCat, we made this our third┬ápiece of evidence. After collecting all of the evidence we could at Groom’s place, we then decided to leave and head to a stroll when we ran into more evidence, this time the evidence was very personal. We found NoirCat’s tag on the road at the corner of College Ave and William Street we decided to split up and two of us went towards downtown on William street while the other two went the opposite direction. Edie and I were in charge of going to downtown to see if we could uncover more evidence. When we got to the intersection of Caroline St and William St, we noticed a shiny bright pink collar sitting in the yard in front of an abandoned old building. I snapped some pictures of the evidence so we could put this in the case file, the only thing odd about the materials we found, was the fact that Maggie Black’s name was scratched out where the collar said “If Found Return to”. This has definitely thrown us for a loop in the investigation. Hopefully we will uncover a lot more telling evidence and finally find NoirCat to get her where she needs to be.



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Hello all! I'm a super outgoing junior at Mary Washington! I'm a biology major with a focus in pre-veterinary studies. :)

4 thoughts on “Collecting the Evidence!”

  1. Maybe Maggie Black isn’t maggie black?! and that’s why the name was scratched?!?!!? This is a good story line. Hopefully you guys find noir cat. Where is Groom!? We’re looking for him!!!

  2. I love your agency name! I’m so glad you found the evidences to find Noir Cat! I can’t wait to hear rest of the story.

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