So Official

2 stars – Business Card for the Agency

With the new agency developing, we’ve been trying to get set up as best as we can while making everything super official. Nothing too fancy but I’ve been getting into making the designs and getting the word out about our agency. Say, if you need someone to help you get out of a sticky situation with your lover, give us a buzz!

For this assignment, I used a free business card maker and put some of our information for our agency on it! Check us out.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.11.26 AM

MaNOIRpulators Business Card

3 stars

Business card assignment

Do you think your man is cheating on you? Do you want to test it out to make sure he is being faithful and won’t fall for two extremely beautiful women? Well, we have the company for you. For a flat fee, we will make sure your man isn’t being unfaithful and if he is, then well… we’ll take care of the rest.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 1.29.17 PM

Above is our business card for the MaNOIRpulators business. To make this I used a template online which allows you to make a faux business card to preview. I used both my character and again, Kendall Parker’s character because we were the seducers in our radio show. I made up some facts for our business and used the logo that I made for our radio show as the logo for the card!


4.5 Stars

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.27.28 AM

The assignment I chose was to make a poster for the search of Professor Groom using a famous media. I chose to use the “Where’s Waldo” idea to put a funny spin on Groom’s missing and the actual assignment! To do this I used powerpoint, cropped the photo of Professor Groom using the cropping tool and super imposed it onto the background using a layering technique. 


When reading Vignelli’s book on design, one thing that really stood out to me was his idea that the artwork should speak for itself.  Thus, the piece should not need any explanation because it would leave the person more confused than just the admiration of the art itself.

“[if] no one understands the result, or the meaning of all that effort, the entire work is useless. Sometimes it may need some explanation but it is better when not necessary. Any artifact should stand by itself in all its clarity.”

I thought this point was very helpful especially when thinking about the types of things I want to capture for the design portion. Also, this includes his idea of timelessness, he wants designs to last forever and be understood forever without complication. I think the idea of timelessness is intriguing and it something really to strive for. He also emphasizes the necessity to be simple and elegant when creating designs, thus ensuring that there is timelessness for the design.

His opinion on ambiguity was very eye opening, it took a different perspective on something that does not have much there and can be interpreted in different ways. I like that he shed an optimistic light on it and made it to be a positive thing that could be interpreted in multiple ways.

“I have a positive interpretation of ambiguity, intended as a plurality of meanings, or the ability of conferring to an object or a design, the possibility of being read in different ways – each one complementary to the other to enrich the subject and give more depth.”

My favorite thing about the reading was that Vignelli takes simple things and alters them to create design, for example his idea that white space is the biggest thing when it comes writing because it creates the design. He takes everything into account and makes sure the colors, font size, alignment, lighting, sizing, and more are brought into account before beginning his design process. It is much more than just finding something and shooting it or typing up papers without any change to the font. Design is the driving force to intrigue people and capture attentions, which is seen through the logos.


The copyright act allows creators to have rights and control over who can use their work, this includes a multitude of media. Thus, they must be credited to all of their work (usually in money) that is used in someone else’s work or can only be used by the person who holds the right to their work. This makes sense because if you create a masterpiece that changes someone’s idea of something, you would not want to have some Joe-Shmoe taking credit for your work. They can be now be charged with plagiarism if they use something that is not theirs and does not credit the original publisher.

The “fair use” doctrine is basically the legal ability to be able to use someone else’s work, even if it is copyrighted, if it is being used to create something new and will be useful, such as a non-profit organization commercial or ad. Thus, the work of the other person must be manipulated enough that it is completely different than the original work. For this, you do not have to ask for the permission of the original own, hence the name “fair use”, almost like “fair game”.  I feel like there is a lot of grey area in this doctrine because it’s hard to determine if it would necessarily be okay or not. I feel like for me personally, I would just cover my butt by crediting the work to the original owner, just so something legal doesn’t arise.

The idea of copyright commons, is to have many of the same rights as the copyright law but also allow people to use their work for creative reasons, giving people access to their work. It is basically a type of license that one can get for their work so it is protected but it also has space for people to be able to use it as a non-profit type deal. I think this is interesting because not everyone can pay for a lot of copyrighted work so the fact that some people will allow their work to be used is really neat and is doing a favor to people like us who are using it for educational purposes.

I think the digital age has made it a lot easier to steal people’s work because of the simple copying and pasting and the fact that everything is at our fingertips. It is also a lot more ambiguous as to what can or cannot be used from the internet, especially when you go to google and select images, it is easy to pick a photo you like and copy it and paste without thinking twice. For my work, I haven’t really thought of the fact that other people have access to it. I feel like it’s also not something I would feel the need to have to spend money to have a license to protect my work. Perhaps if I had super intense ideas that I was super proud of and didn’t want anyone else to take, I would go the extra length to protect them but for now, I’m okay with anyone using my work in moderation to help create their works.. a little accreditation wouldn’t hurt though!

Let’s Get Blitzy

For this week’s DesignBlitz assignment, I carried around my handy-dandy iPhone and took pictures of things I thought fit the description of design. This was a lot harder than I was expecting considering I don’t have much of an eye for things that are design-y or artsy! Many of these pictures I took inside of the cupcake shop Sweet Reasons, I even got myself a cupcake out of it!

COLOR – Chocolate Covered Cherry

I thought this picture best represented color because of the pop of color that the red of the cherry and the cake have on the black plate background and the chocolate gnocchi icing. Color in design does not have to be an overwhelming amount of color, it can just be a simple one color that stands out in the whole display.


Topography/Form/Unity/balance – Love thy Cupcake

First of all, I thought this saying was super cute so it caught my eye right off the bat. Then, it clicked, this is topography! It’s swirly, enticing writing that captures the eye and creates design. Not only does this have the writing but it also has a multitude of color and shapes to enhance the design. I would say the circles and design of the background that the topography is on represents form and the colors represent the unity of the painting. The colors provide a color scheme but it is not harsh nor drastic, it flows smoothly and all of the colors go nicely together creating a nice balance.


 MESSAGE – Honor is a way of life

This is a picture from campus walk at UMW during a snow flurry! The flag on the light post is design itself. Someone had to come up with the idea to put the writing vertically on the side of the flag and determine the color scheme of it. The design of this, along with the words, portray a message. The design of it makes it more intriguing and invites people to look at it while portraying the message of “Honor is a Way of Life”.


Proportion and Rhythm – Cupcake duo

This is a picture of my friend and my cupcakes (one is black and white and the other is chocolate covered cherry)! This portrays rhythm through the repetition of the table as the background. It is continuous and a consistent pattern. It is also very eye catching.  The proportions aspect is seen through the depth from one cupcake to the other, the black and white cupcake is smaller than the cherry cupcake because that one is close than the B&W. This is portraying depth and the proportionality of the cupcakes from different depths.



This is a picture of my black and white cupcake and I thought it was the epitome of minimalism because of the simplicity of the single chocolate chip piece on the plain white icing. It portrays simplicity and elegance, yet has a sense of design even though it is minuscule in the whole picture.


I enjoyed taking pictures of the beautiful cupcakes and I also enjoyed the process of eating them afterwards as well! I’m glad my friend and I spontaneously decided to get cupcakes, it definitely was a pot of gold in my design blitz for the week!

Cartoonize Me Capt’n

3.5 stars


I decided to dedicate this design assignment to my character Dossier Sylvia, the Sly, cunning, and seductive woman who knows how get the attention of a man.

For this assignment, I found a picture on the internet that I thought best represented the way I imagined my character to look, then I took it to this photo editor and used their “cartoonize” option!


4.5 Stars

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.27.28 AM

The assignment I chose was to make a poster for the search of Professor Groom using a famous media. I chose to use the “Where’s Waldo” idea to put a funny spin on Groom’s missing and the actual assignment! To do this I used powerpoint, cropped the photo of Professor Groom using the cropping tool and super imposed it onto the background using a layering technique.