Character Dossier Profile

 name: Sylvia

This name sounds sly and enticing, just like how noir movies are. The first thing that comes to mind with this name is the image of a casanova with a sassy attitude.

Description of Character

Sylvia is a classy broad with red lips, pearly white teeth, deep v-neckline, and a slit in her dress up to her thigh. Her hair is always curled into perfect little, soft ringlets and her mascara is smeared on her dark brown eyes flawlessly. Her bright candy apple red pumps peek out of her floor length black dress to add a pop of color to her attire. She holds the cigarette to her red lips with her hand which is covered by an elbow length black silk glove.


Her interests including sipping her favorite alcoholic beverage: bourbon and coke at the local bars, smoking cigarettes, listening and dancing to smooth jazz, and gossiping/writing about local events in her area.


As a writer for a newspaper, Sylvia knows everything about everyone. Once her husband passed away, from unknown causes, she has hung out in bars trying to pick up any wealthy men she can find and gets the most dirt on them to ruin their lives. She is the definition of a casanova and a total heart breaker. Once Sylvia gets her hands on a man, their life as they know it is over. She will haunt them until she gets what she wants or until they are dead.


Welcome to my Brain

Hello ya’ll! :) My name is Amanda Layton. I am a biology major and commuter at Mary Wash.

As I begin to introduce myself, I think it is super important to put a face with a name — especially when it comes from someone who is sitting behind a computer screen. As awkward as “selfie videos” are — here ya go!!

Along with my obvious love of animals… I also hold love and interests for many other things.

Such as cliche quotes



200-2 copy 2

Painfully cute videos of animals;

Sports — all of which happen to also be my #MCMs (mancrushmondays);

Basketball – Bradley Beal


Football – Dez Bryant

Cowboys Chargers Football

Hockey – Braden Holtby


Baseball – Bryce Harper


… and just in case anyone was wondering, it is really hard to be mostly a DC sports fan but also be a Dallas Cowboys fan. #wedemboys

OH, how could I forget! My infamous softball playing days


Nerdy jokes;


Documenting the life of my grandfather;

My significant other


and lastly… MY dogs! :)¬†







This is just a little bit about me, but I don’t wanna give too much away considering we still have the rest of the semester ahead of us. I will leave some things to the imagination for now! :)

Can’t wait to learn more about everyone as time progresses.

Keep on, keepin’ on! :)