Jewel and Sylvia’s Murderess Story Map

4 stars

I decided to do the story map assignment for this week.

The story map included my character dossier Sylvia and Kendall Parker’s character dossier Jewel. I kind of used this as a spin off from our radio show, this is because of how I did the seduction using both Jewel and Sylvia like we did in the MaNOIRpulators.

The story line behind the map is that the two women are trying to find the man who killed one of their good friends. In order to do this they have to travel all the way across the world to try to locate him and do their friendship duty of killing him off. The pictures I used for the map all came off of a google image search!

Hope you enjoy!


This week I chose to do the “I’m Sorry” picture for my daily create. I chose a picture of a sleeping puppy because of my obvious “I love dogs” reason and I also added an “I’m Sorry” for something that a typical puppy would do, all my dogs owners know what I’m talking about with this ;) .


My second daily create, I transformed my car (a beautiful lime green Ford Fiesta) into a DS106 car! I added the lips because my car is a sassy girl and some DS106 #4life graffiti to show my loyalty!



What’s in the bag?!

 WHAt’s In the bag…?

IMG_6161Sylvia’s bag is pretty simple and doesn’t contain anything too complex. She has perfume to splash on for important interviews, a notebook for her note taking when interviewing subjects for her news articles, and of course, her favorite pen. She carries around her blush and blush brush to apply before meeting new people, she always makes sure to make good impressions. Her sassy red lips aren’t complete without the red gloss she carries with her every where she goes. However, there are two unusual aspects of her items in her purse — the iridescent knife and the bottle of medicine prescribed to someone other than Sylvia.. What could this possibly signify?! Is this a murder weapon? Has she been drugging her victims?

3 Stars


Noirtography Safari

For my noir safari photoshoot, I decided the most rugged place to get some noir-esque photos would be the Fredericksburg train station. So naturally, that is where I went! I asked one of my good friends to go with me on this adventure (because everything is better in twos!). Here are a few of the pictures I captured at dusk with some noir elements!


This was taken when the VRE was arriving at the loading deck. I saw a few noir features in this snap, like the venetian blind effect of the trains siding and of the yellow warning strips texture. You also get distinct shadows from the train and the people in the background. I also used an unusual camera angle, using reflection from the train and giving it a tunnel like effect by being so near the train when taking the picture. This also has lighting coming from one side of the photo, from the street lamps. Another element is the grittiness of the train station, the idea of the concrete jungle.


This is by far my favorite picture from my noir safari experience. I also think it contains the best example of the noir elements. First of all, you get the grittiness of the train station, especially the railroad tracks. You also get the venetian blind effect in many parts of this picture like in the over hang to the left, the railroad tracks themselves, the lights, and the yellow warning strip texture. You also get shadows, which extenuate the eerie-ness of the empty train station. I could argue that this is also an odd angle because it is capturing the whole station from a single point of view, in the corner.


This was a cargo train that was passing through, it was moving really fast but the grittiness of the train itself was captured and again the grittiness of the railroad track. The venetian blind is once again see in the railroad tracks, the train cars, and the yellow warning strip. Lighting from one side was done by the street lamps behind me.


Shadows were a prominent theme in this photo as the sun went down I found it was easier to capture more shadows, especially by the way the lamp posts were casting shadows and creating an eerie emphasis on the empty train station once again. Venetian blind effect is seen in the concrete railing, lamps, and the over hang.  Grittiness of the train station was shown here, especially with the worn concrete.

I really enjoyed this project! I thought it was exciting to visit somewhere I had never been and shoot pictures. It took a lot of thought to get at least a few of the noir elements in each picture.


2.5 Stars

So I totally decided to do the Shakespearean LOLcats visual assignment because WHO DOESN’T LOVE LOLcats?! And it goes hand in hand with my love for animals! Here is it!

asI chose this picture because when I think of cats I always think of what they get themselves into, then I saw the quote from Macbeth by Shakespeare and it was like fate, I had to do it.



This week for my cinematography assignment I chose the movies Killer’s Kiss and The HitchHiker to pick some still shots that show the theme of noir.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.52.26 PM

This still shot is from the movie Killer’s Kiss. This show to me is the epitome of noir media for multiple reasons. One of the reasons being the geometrical venetian blind effect that is happening from the actual blinds themselves, while also projecting this image onto the actor in the photograph. This photo also has an essence of mystery even though I know the man in the photo is actually just watching the boxing match however, if one did not know what was going on in the background of this picture you may think their is a darker meaning. Noir always makes me think of swanky-ness and smoking, which is exactly what this man portrays, he is dressed to the nines with a cigar in his hand. Lastly, a photography technique that we read/talked about this week is the lighting coming from the side and it not being harsh. This is also shown in this photo, there is soft lighting and it is mostly coming from outside of the blinds onto the man’s face.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.48.04 PM

This still shot is also from Killer’s Kiss. I chose this shot because it portrays the grittiness of the city landscape. It is city which is something that is portrayed a lot in noir media, it makes you think of crime and corruption. Its also very busy and it show the hustle and bustle of the city.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 7.21.19 PMThis still shot was captured from the movie The Hitchhiker. This picture shows distinct shadows on the villain’s face making him look like even more of a sketchy character. The lighting in this photo like the other is coming from only one side of his body, thus also creating the ominous shadows. The black and white really adds to the eerie-ness of this shot because you can see the crazy in the killer’s eyes and it makes everything more suspenseful.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

IMG_6118I did the visual assignment about adding a poem to a picture that matches the idea behind the poem. First, I chose my poem which is Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost then I contemplated what picture I was going to use and I thought of the picture I took last semester on my walk back from one of my walks on campus. I thought this captured nature, going from green to gold.

3 stars


Yikes, the closest I have ever gotten to true photography is Instagram which consists of pictures of my dogs, some pretty sunset pictures, and a few selfies here and there. When I’m taking pictures, whether it be for documenting and event or just because I find something pretty/interesting, I don’t usually focus on the angle or lighting. I just make sure that what I am trying to capture is in focus and that the image I want to capture is being captured to the fullest.  The meaning I am typical trying to portray is basically what I’m feeling when I take the picture… For example, if it’s pictures of my dogs, I’m trying to portray the beauty and love I have for them. Here is an example of my artistic Instagram works ;) :


Some tactics I would like to use after reviewing the videos about photography, is the idea of lighting. I’ve always loved the historical picture of “Migrant Mother” and how the moment was actually captured. I also enjoyed the photo of the work out camp by Jason Eskenazi and how he captured that photo because of it’s geometry. The photographers take so much into account, like lighting, angles, the shapes the people in the photo are making, and portray an emotion behind them. There is reasoning for every picture they take and how they take it. I would like to focus on having a deeper meaning behind my photographs and to capture the emotion of the people I am taking the pictures of. I really want to test out the lighting (especially the cheap version with a dark room and lighting coming through a doorway) for one of my photos I’ll take this week. I can’t wait to experiment and try to work on some new techniques with photography.