Two Dailies

Daily Create #1 – Happy Birthday, Black! 

For this daily create, I found a picture of a black cat off of the internet using a google search. I found the fiercest noir cat I could find and using to overlay the wording and little graphic!


Daily Create #2 – Kindle Cover

For this, I followed the same process as above, I found a picture through a google toggle engine and used to over lay the wording.

Kindle Cover



Daily Creations!

Daily Create #1 – An Inspirational Poster

For this daily create, I chose one of my favorite pictures of my dogs and added a quote that pertained to dogs and life, I then used the picture and edited it on PicMonkey to overlap the words to the picture.


Daily Create #2 – Tree Art

For this assignment, I chose a picture that I took in Arizona this past summer of “The Thinking Tree.” I had already thought of this photo as artsy so I decided to mirror image it using a photo software editor and then I did some contrast coloring to make it even more abstract.


Daily Create #3 - Talking to a Stranger

In this daily create, I wrote a little excerpt from a conversation I had with someone at the gym today asking about my workout routine!



I’m Making Art, Damnit.

Daily Create #1 – Step goals


For this daily create, I thought of my biggest goal that I want to achieve in the near future and it is actually to get into veterinarian school! It’s been a childhood dream of mine as far as I can remember. So I just took some sharpies and made steps, each one represents a goal that I have to achieve to get to vet school (I even went a little beyond — “do married things”) :)

Daily Create #2 – Slurred words and blurry vision


For this daily create, it was literally just me taking a picture of my dream catcher using my phone camera while shaking to get the blurred effect. This is art. Damnit.

Creates of the Week

Daily Create #1

For this daily create, we were supposed to create something that we thought was funny and record it. I thought about something that makes me laugh really hard and all I could think of was silly jokes and puns. I took a recording of myself telling a joke in different rooms of my house using props. I used iMovie on my macbook to record this! Hope you enjoy.

Daily Create #2

For this daily create I took a piece of printer paper with some sharpies and wrote my ransom note on it. I thought putting a little star wars spin on it would make it cuter. :)

Ransom for Groom

Daily Create #3

For this daily create I wrote a rhyming poem about what music does to you. It more about the physical impact music has and makes someone feel!

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 10.23.34 PM

Daily Creations!

Daily Create #1 – Poem for Weasel

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 3.03.33 PMHere I made a little AA BB rhyming scheme poem for the birthday of “the weasel”! I wanted to make sure I included a happy birthday to him. Then I submitted the poem to the website! :)

DAILY CREATE #2 – Heel Concept


For this daily create, I used 3 textbooks for my major and decided to use them as my make shift heel for the random heel assignment! I thought it would raise my heel off of the ground and it also has a part of my life incorporated into it (biology!!). And yes, those are snoopy socks.. I had just gotten off work! :)

Daily Create #3 – What scares you?

For this daily create, I found some pictures on the internet of things that scared me and I tried to compile that into something that could be used as a movie concept. I added some creepy background music to give it more of an effect then added it to Youtube!

Design Week Dailies

Daily Create 1 – Creative Hands Project

For this daily create, I had my friend take a picture of me. I used the peace sign as my creative hand because I don’t think your hands necessarily have to be getting dirty in paint or playing an instrument to be creative! I thought the peace was a simple and nice way to show creativity outside the realm of tangible mediums.



I decided to try to portray the super power of telepathy! I would love to be able to read people’s minds by staring into their eyes. Knowing what people are thinking is something that is very important to me. So for this I took a selfie of my eyes and edited it through picmonkey!


DAILY CREATE 3 – Play with your food

Momma said not to play with my food *Forrest Gump voice*. For this assignment, I literally went into my kitchen and looked around and the first thing that came into my mind was making a smiley face with some food. Which is exactly what I did with 2 oranges, a banana, and a Valentine’s Day leftover Hershey’s kiss.



I was very careless in the reading of the directions for my daily create 3 so I re-did it accordingly.  Here I used my bananas to make a necklace!



This week I chose to do the “I’m Sorry” picture for my daily create. I chose a picture of a sleeping puppy because of my obvious “I love dogs” reason and I also added an “I’m Sorry” for something that a typical puppy would do, all my dogs owners know what I’m talking about with this ;) .


My second daily create, I transformed my car (a beautiful lime green Ford Fiesta) into a DS106 car! I added the lips because my car is a sassy girl and some DS106 #4life graffiti to show my loyalty!



Creations Made Daily #2

Daily Creation 1 of the week

I decided to make a unique paper sculpture of a snowflake! Definitely not my best work but paper is really hard to manipulate!

Daily Creation #2 of the week

This creation was just writing instructions to an every day item. I chose to write about using a pen (both clickable and capped)!

Daily Creation #3 of the week

This daily create was making a drawing without lifting your pencil. The only thing I could think of drawing/can actually draw is a stick figure and a tree… so that’s exactly what I did! :)





Making Creations Daily

Daily Create #1 – The Virgin DS106 Haiku

January 19, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 8.46.56 PMHere’s an the link to the page of  My Haiku!

Obviously I’m not very poetic but I figured I would give it a shot. I usually have a hard time coming up with topics to write about, hence the topic writer’s block because this poem was not any different than anything else I have ever had to write about. I just took the topic and rolled with it, leading to the line about not being creative which I am not. Again, hence the stereotypical topic. :)


Daily create #2 – Getting my yodel on

January 22, 2015

Well this is pretty self explanatory: it’s me yodeling. My process for this was imagining myself on top of a green, grassy hill in Ireland yelling out  “Yo-da-ley-he-hooooooo” at the top of my lungs!

Daily create #3 – every move you make i’ll be watching You

January 23, 2015


This picture is the epitome of me! I had to capture the crazy facial expressions I make which always involve my eyes. When I saw the opportunity for an eye selfie I had to take it. I just took pictures of myself making different facial expressions and captured the way my eyes looked in each one of them! This is by far my favorite daily create of this week!!


P.s. I enjoy that these are forcing me to be somewhat creative every day and do something outside of the realm of my comfort zone!