Final Frontier of The MaNOIRpulators

Aw, this was a fun run with radio shows but unfortunately even good things have to come to an end. Like I’ve said in many of my posts before, I was really concerned when I saw that there was a group project for an online class! It threw me for a bit of a loop. However, I think it was still by far one of the smoothest and most functioning group project I have ever done. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

As for how our radio show project turned out, I think we did really well collaborating on the script for the show and actually doing the execution. Unfortunately, the snow put dampers on our meeting times but we were still able to send clips to one another and get it compiled with ease. However, I wish we were able to have physically met in person! As everyone has complemented us on, our sound effects were so on point (not to toot our own horn or anything…. :) ) but I think it really tied the story together and gave it more depth!

All in all, I thought it was a fun project that came together with a really great outcome. I could not have asked for a better group to have as my partners! :)

My advice to future DS106-ers, DO NOT PUT IT OFF. Get started on it as soon as you get the assignment, not only will it be reflected in your work but it will also decrease a lot of stress for yourself.

Radio Listen, Take Two

This week for the radio show listen along, I listened to both Noir at Night and Silk Road. I know we’re technically only supposed to discuss one of them but I feel really compelled to discuss both of them because after all I did listen to BOTH OF THEM! :)

For Noir at Night, I thought the concept was really interested. For example, the way they talked about how something was Noir then did a trailer to prove their point. I thought that was very different from the other shows I had heard and it was definitely a killer concept. Only thing I would recommend for this show, which I think it was brought up a few times during the tweet-a-long, is to make sure you dig deeper into why something is Noir and what elements made it so! Otherwise, I thought it was a really cool concept and I though sound wise it was executed well!Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 12.35.16 PM

For Silk Road, I thought the story line was wonderful and their were some seriously awesome sound effects used to execute the scenes. The sound effects made it seem like you were actually there and you could feel the sounds as if they were in the room next to you! I was really impressed with how well they had the voices meshing together at the same decibel level. I was really impressed overall with this show, kudos to the creators! :)

Radio Shows for Days

So I decided to listen to the class radio shows and do the live tweet along Wednesday evening! Part of this was for personal reasons (our own radio show for the class was playing)!

The three radio shows I listened to were  The MaNOIRpulators (our show), Dead Silence, and The Steadfast Sleuths. For each show, the one thing that stuck out to me was the ability to create depth within the shows through the sound effects. I thought the transitions in the shows were also very smooth and had a very realistic feel. In all three of the shows you felt like you were in the surrounding (or at least you could imagine everything).

Dead Silence was the one show I remember the best and I think that was due to the impact of the sound effects on the show and actually creating the atmosphere. I thought the way the group collaborated on everything made it flow smoothly and effortlessly. I really enjoyed the commercials that were used and the creativity behind them. Overall, I thought it was an awesome show and everyone who worked on it seemed to have done very well.

Here is one of my tweets from the SteadFast Sleuths tweet-along!

One of my tweets about one of the awesome commercials during Dead Silence!

And finally, a tweet from our own radio show which I listened to as well from the one and only Jim Groom #tootingourhorn :)

I loved listening to the radio shows from other groups, not only was it entertaining but it was nice to see how the other groups collaborated together and to actually experience their final products! Everyone’s shows turned out fantastically! :)

Radio Show Done, Spring Break Here I Come

This week went much more smoothly than I originally thought it would. I loved my group I got to work with! We were super great at communicating when it came to our radio show. Like always, I did some commenting on other peers’ posts this week and did my three daily creates for the week. Once this is posted I am FREE for (my not so) Spring Break!

Daily Creates

Creation #1

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 3.03.33 PM

Creation #2


Creation #3


1. An emoji story

2. My group member, Aubrey’s post about our show

3. Edith’s heel concept daily create

4. Radio Show for The SteadFast Sleuths (one of the characters has my last name!)

5. Ain’t No one Fresher Than My Clique

6.  Brian’s Weekly Summary

7.  Completing House of Noir

8.  Savannah Hating on Vimeo

9.  More daily creates 

10.  Jota’s Heel Concept

Radio Show Week 2 Summary

Linked in here I have our google document with our script and communications! All in all it is a nice little summary of how our compiling of our radio show went!




Do you even Radio? Week 2

At first I was really nervous about the idea of an online group project but I was really happy with how well my group collaborated on everything! First, we established a group text with me, Aubrey, Kendall, and Brianne. Then Kendall went ahead and created our google doc, where we started our collaboration for the dialogue! This went really smoothly because we all left notes and added to the dialogue as we went a long.. (Side Note – I think google docs is the coolest thing ever!). After this, we determined that our next step was to start the recording process!

We started our own recordings for our dialogue! For this I just used the google document to read the dialogue aloud and recorded my parts through audacity. I used some voice inflection to make sure my emotion fit what was actually happening in the skit so I did not sound monotoned. I sent the recordings and my radio bumper to Kendall so she could compile all of our sounds into one recording.

Group texting and google documents was our best source of communication for this project and personally I think it went very smoothly considering the awful weather that got in our way and using media to communicate! I was really lucky to have awesome group members, we all were open to suggestions and were able to make decisions together and with ease! :)


It all started Monday Evening when I went to read the requirements for this week. Sheer panic overcame me when I saw the words “group project”. Usually, for many students group projects come with a negative connotation. I sat there looking blankly at the screen until I remembered that I knew some people in the class and thought about the awesome people I have met during the tweet-alongs. Suddenly, the anxiety of forming a group dissipated.

I decided to text Aubrey, who I met from my organic chemistry class at UMW, to see if she wanted to form a group! Luckily, she had some teammates who also were joining her group so that made forming a substantial group pretty simple! I was super excited because in my opinion, the hard work had been done! I did not have to worry about my fate being in Groom, Burtis, and Bond’s hands.

We’ve been communicating through group texts throughout the week, giving each other little progress about what we’ve created and ideas about what our radio show will be about! I’m excited to keep working with my group, can’t wait to see what we come up with.

The MaNOIRpulators, coming soon…



This is my “The MaNOIRpulators” promo poster. I chose a picture of two women and a man to show a concept behind our radio broadcast that I found on the internet and used pic monkey to do some editing to it. I added the lipstick marks using picmonkey’s images and did some overlay with different types of typography to give it a sense of noir! :)

Broadcast Brainstorming!

Here are a few ideas for some radio broadcasts — I really want to include the character dossiers because I feel that they have had a huge part of this class so far and I think continuing that idea would help build onto the characters and make them more tangible.

– I think a cool idea would be using the character dossiers that we have been developing over the course of the semester and using them to create a talk show  or skit type thing

– Using swanky and dramatic music and sound effects to enhance the scenes

– Criminal broadcast radio, talking about most wanted criminals and mobsters, this could include accents and warrants could be put out for criminals (our character dossiers when fit)

– Interviews/news stories with other character dossiers