Blade Runner and Noir

For the movie watching assignment, I watched Blade Runner which I found to be a pretty interesting concept and it kept me entertaining the whole time. I was surprised how many elements of noir I saw throughout the film! There was a lot of side of the face/object lighting, long extensive introduction with dramatic music. The movie took place in Los Angeles in 2019, so the building design was very futuristic (which is weird since we’re in 2015 and look NOTHING like this, but that’s besides the point). However, besides the futuristic-ness of the building it was also made to look gritty and disheveled. The camera angles of the movie always captured this by being up close and personal to the grittiness, almost too close, thus giving a most distinct idea of the grittiness or a far away, up above angle showing the whole picture of the city.

The grittiness in many ways, especially in urban settings. The lighting however is something that is timeless and helps portray the dramatic effect of noir. Also, unique camera angles is something that is not specific to any time or place and can be used in a multitude of ways.


When reading Vignelli’s book on design, one thing that really stood out to me was his idea that the artwork should speak for itself.  Thus, the piece should not need any explanation because it would leave the person more confused than just the admiration of the art itself.

“[if] no one understands the result, or the meaning of all that effort, the entire work is useless. Sometimes it may need some explanation but it is better when not necessary. Any artifact should stand by itself in all its clarity.”

I thought this point was very helpful especially when thinking about the types of things I want to capture for the design portion. Also, this includes his idea of timelessness, he wants designs to last forever and be understood forever without complication. I think the idea of timelessness is intriguing and it something really to strive for. He also emphasizes the necessity to be simple and elegant when creating designs, thus ensuring that there is timelessness for the design.

His opinion on ambiguity was very eye opening, it took a different perspective on something that does not have much there and can be interpreted in different ways. I like that he shed an optimistic light on it and made it to be a positive thing that could be interpreted in multiple ways.

“I have a positive interpretation of ambiguity, intended as a plurality of meanings, or the ability of conferring to an object or a design, the possibility of being read in different ways – each one complementary to the other to enrich the subject and give more depth.”

My favorite thing about the reading was that Vignelli takes simple things and alters them to create design, for example his idea that white space is the biggest thing when it comes writing because it creates the design. He takes everything into account and makes sure the colors, font size, alignment, lighting, sizing, and more are brought into account before beginning his design process. It is much more than just finding something and shooting it or typing up papers without any change to the font. Design is the driving force to intrigue people and capture attentions, which is seen through the logos.

Broadcast Brainstorming!

Here are a few ideas for some radio broadcasts — I really want to include the character dossiers because I feel that they have had a huge part of this class so far and I think continuing that idea would help build onto the characters and make them more tangible.

– I think a cool idea would be using the character dossiers that we have been developing over the course of the semester and using them to create a talk show  or skit type thing

– Using swanky and dramatic music and sound effects to enhance the scenes

– Criminal broadcast radio, talking about most wanted criminals and mobsters, this could include accents and warrants could be put out for criminals (our character dossiers when fit)

– Interviews/news stories with other character dossiers