BWA at your service

This week has actually been a lot of fun trying to piece together the evidence and create a story behind the evidence that we have. Me and the girls met to discuss all of our ideas and everything seemed to flow smoothly while we all agreed on our plans of action! There’s not much we can actually say about the investigation right now but we can give you a run down of our progress.

This is from the start of the investigation when we first got our mission.

Then we started obtaining more evidence in order to hopefully find NoirCat and to get her opinion on the entire situation — with that being said, we do not have a known location of NoirCat.

For continuous updates, feel free to keep up with us @blackwidow_BWA or check out our website!




Weekly Report!

This was a pretty light week, you know considering we’re forming agencies that are going to follow us for the rest of our DS106 Careers and all! I’m so glad I got back with my girls and reunite to form an official agency!

Our agency is called BWA (Black Widow Agency) consisting of our Founder, Margret, Cofounder, Edie and Jewel, and a top agent, me — Sylvia Stone. Check out our website to learn more about us. We all worked together to make this agency (and the website) what it is!

The next large portion of this week was the 10 stars of assignments. I actually had a lot of fun with these! (I even went a little over the stars limit!

The Buzzfeed Quiz – 3 stars

Agency Business Card – 2 stars

My Pinterest – 2 stars

My Resume – 3 stars

Of course, we also have our usual daily creates, however this week was only two which is a light week for us! I did a daily create for Black’s birthday and the daily create for the kindle book cover for DS106!

Finally, we have the general commenting on peers works to see their progress. I love see how the other agencies are forming, but ours is still the best! :)





Switching Over, Over.

This week has been absolutely crazy! So much to do, so little time! Let’s do a quick run down of all of my ingeniousness this week.

So many Video assignments

Zoolander-esque Video Assignment – 3 stars

A Letter to My 16 Year Old Self – 4 stars

Today it’s all about me – 2 stars

The Ultimate Destination – 3 stars

Little words, Big Meanings – 3 stars

The interview

This was by far my most time consuming thing to do this week!


So glad my girls and I decided to do one final HOORAH  for the agency. Looking forward to making some magic again. THE RETURN OF THE MANOIRPULATORS.

Weekly Daily creates

My favorite creation from this week:


THe 10 Comments!



Time flies when you’re having fun – Week 9!

This week was really fun! I actually enjoyed doing the video work. Especially actually being about to watch movies and reading about the cinematic techniques. Anyways.. Let’s see how it went! :)

Radio Listen along and Tweet along

As always, it was a pleasure to be able to listen and tweet along to the radio shows this week. I thought both shows that I listened to were very well done!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 12.36.42 PM

Final Radio show reflection

My reflection went all the way back to the beginning of the show and being unsure about a group project for an online class to the success of our show, specifically our sound effects! Pay close attention to my advice to future ds106-ers! :)

Applying the Knowledge – Videssay

For the video essay assignment, I watched “A Postman Always Rings Twice” and I elaborated on one of the scenes to show my knowledge and my now keen eye to cinematic techniques through Ebert’s writing and the videos that I got to watch this week! I liked being able to read the Ebert article and using the videos posted to actually be able to take a critical eye when watching the classical noir films. It definitely made me think about how the camera angles and the effects really aid to the overall meaning of the film.

Video Assignments

4 stars – Character Description of Sylvia Stone using Jessica Rabbit ft. another Noir character

4 stars – Tutorial of How to Open a Padlock!

Daily Creates

#1 – Step Goals on how to be a veterinarian


#2 – Blurry Photography Art


What a good week to make some art! :)



Week 8 Coming to a Close

This week was pretty hectic especially since I did not keep up with all of my assignments during the week as I usually like to. However, I still thought everything from this week that I did turned out pretty well, let’s check it out! :)

Daily Creates

#1 – The things that make you LOL video

#2 – The ransom Groom poster (Come to the Dark Side.. we have Groom and Cookies!) :)


#3 –  Poem about music!

Radio Show listen and Tweet along

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 1.44.00 PM


1. Yeah, I Can Rap – Tiffany Yowell

2. Poetry & DNA – July Laszakovitz

3. Wanna Watch My Dog Hump Me – Emily Bostaph

4. Beau to Our Cat – Amy Faghella

Collaborative Character Assignments

3 stars: MaNOIRpulators’ Business Card

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 1.29.17 PM


3 stars: Dear Diary… (with Tiffany Yowell’s character Lawrence)

4 stars: Story Map for Murderesses (with Kendall Parker’s Character Julia)

Social Media for Sylvia Stone

You can email me at

Follow me on twitter: @thatssosylv1

The comments of the week

Radio Show Done, Spring Break Here I Come

This week went much more smoothly than I originally thought it would. I loved my group I got to work with! We were super great at communicating when it came to our radio show. Like always, I did some commenting on other peers’ posts this week and did my three daily creates for the week. Once this is posted I am FREE for (my not so) Spring Break!

Daily Creates

Creation #1

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 3.03.33 PM

Creation #2


Creation #3


1. An emoji story

2. My group member, Aubrey’s post about our show

3. Edith’s heel concept daily create

4. Radio Show for The SteadFast Sleuths (one of the characters has my last name!)

5. Ain’t No one Fresher Than My Clique

6.  Brian’s Weekly Summary

7.  Completing House of Noir

8.  Savannah Hating on Vimeo

9.  More daily creates 

10.  Jota’s Heel Concept

Radio Show Week 2 Summary

Linked in here I have our google document with our script and communications! All in all it is a nice little summary of how our compiling of our radio show went!




Radio Show Week 1 of 2, down!

This week was just the beginning to the start of two crazy weeks but it’ll be manageable. A lot of logistical things and assignments went on this week so to me it was just prep for the bigger picture — THE RADIO SHOW, duh. So here is a break down of all that I did this week.

The first part of my week started on Monday at 9pm (good thing because we had a snow day the next day! :) )! I did the live tweet along to “Strangers on a Train” on  #DS106radio, which as always was super fun! I finally had the pleasure of actually interacting with Burtis on twitter! :) I also enjoy the conversation on there, even if it isn’t direct. Everyone pretty much is thinking the same way and the witty comments that everyone posts are always entertaining!

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 12.27.03 PM

During the course of the week I decided to work on my 10 stars of audio assignments!
My first 4 stars of the week I dedicated to my character dossier, Sylvia for her theme music!

The next 4 stars of the week were a conversation between Dory from Finding Nemo and myself!

Lastly, I dedicated my last 2 stars to my character dossier once again. This time it is for a bird call to actually attract Sylvia!

Another thing I did for the week was create a visual for my group’s radio show! I decided to combine a silhouette of three people and put our group name “The MaNOIRpulators” with a short saying below it, just to give a feel for what we have in store for our show!


Of course, throughout the course of this week, I’ve been commenting on fellow peers’ posts about their progress for the week and how they’ve been doing. I really have enjoyed everything I’ve heard and seen thus far! I can’t wait to see the completed projects at the end of next week!  Here are the posts I have commented on this week!

1. One of the assignments I commented on was by Spencer! It was a commercial promoting the buying of fedora hats.

2. Stephanie’s commercial about joining the Boston PD!

3. Sarah’s Spooky Hotel Sounds! These actually gave me goosebumps!

4. Apparently, I have a knack for posting comments on Spencer’s stuff but I really liked his “Noir We There Yet?” bumper sticker.

5.  Erin’s bird call for her character dossier! I gave her some constructive criticism using what someone else told me #criticismception!

6.  The fake radio commercial for the Horsemen! Such a cute idea.

7. Erin’s conversation with Elvis.

8.  Breakfast Club Conversation! Loved it!

9.  Jota’s sounds of relaxation, I hated this just because it made me miss summer!!! :)

10. Stephanie’s dramatic reading with OneRepublic!

To end the week, I did my summary of radio show week 1. It’s been pretty interesting and not too complicated thus far. I’m excited to see the outcomes of everyone’s radio shows.




Week End

First thing I did for this week was do the read and reflect on Viganelli‘s design book. I found a lot of interesting things about design and trying to incorporate them into my work for the week whether it was my design assignments or the design blitz. However, his book was a little different than how we are using it in the digital age though. I really liked the section on calligraphy though, I think it is so beautiful to be able to writing in different fonts.

The next assignment for the week was watching a movie and reflecting on how it portrays noir by the design within it. I watched Blade Runner for this and discovered that the things that are timeless and not specific within noir is the lighting and the unique camera angles.

The major assignment for this week was the DesignBlitz assignment where I took pictures of my day to day life while finding stuff that creates design. A lot of my pictures were taken at the cupcake shop, Sweet Reasons, because convinently my friend and I got cupcakes and a lot of the things caught my design eye! ;) Here is one of my favorite pictures from the assignment:


Of course as always, we have our daily creates for the week! This week I found to be the hardest week for me to actually get motivated to do them. Not quite sure why, perhaps it’s the spring break fever kicking in.







Then, the design assignments for the week!  ~ 6 of my stars were dedicated to my character dossier Sylvia and the rest were just getting my creative juices flowing

The Bumper Sticker  – 2.5 stars for my Character Dossier

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 11.44.44 AM

Cartoonize – 3.5 for my Character Dossier


Where’s Groom? – 4.5 stars

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.27.28 AM

GUESS THE MOVIE (4 images) – 2.5 stars

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.08.30 PM

And lastly, I read and reflected on the copyright laws. This was pretty interesting and good to know. I had no idea about the creative commons law and how everything worked. However, it is a lot different from paper to the internet because of how accessible everything is online!

What a great week!






Closing Thoughts

What a crazy week, learning how to use audio and how to mix different sounds together to actually create something is a lot harder than it looks, especially to make it sound flawless. It definitely takes a lot of time and effort. There wasn’t a lot to do this week but it was all pretty time consuming so I’ll go ahead and do a quick breakdown with all of my work from the week!

Audio reflection

So the first thing I did this week was a reflection upon the different forms of audio in opening shots of Touch of Evil, read some literature on music and its enhancement in “The Ambience of Film Noir- Soundscapes, Design and Mood” by Helen Hanson, and participated in a live tweet along with some fellow Ds106ers while listening to DS106 radio! My favorite part of this assignment was by far the live tweet along, so many of us were thinking the same way!

Daily creates

As always, this is my ultimate favorite part of the week! I did the two daily creates and they both happened to be little creations with visuals so I was extra excited about this especially with all the audio going on it was nice to have a little break up from that!

I’m Sorry DC


DS106 Your Car DC


DS106 Radio bumper

This was the biggest part of this week, this is something that is going to be posted on the DS106 radio for everyone to hear. Considering my non-savviness with audio, this probably gave me the most anxiety this week! I used audacity to record myself saying something about DS106 radio and tried to give it a techno/eerie vibe! I decided to go ahead and just do it! Here it is:

weekly assignments

3.5 stars – Sound Effects Story

For this assignment I used a mash up of different sound effects that I thought would create a story and then I mashed them together in logical order. I came up with the idea of a texting and driving car crash… Which is evident through the sounds I used.

3.5 – Music Mash up

I took two different songs with similar ideas behind them and compiled them together to create one song. I found this to be the hardest thing I did this week but I did it!

1 star – Recording of Favorite Quote

In this assignment, I did a voice over of my favorite quote from one of my favorite movies and paired it with music from the movie to help people guess the movie it’s from! :)

broadcast brainstorming

For this I simply made a list of some ideas for the broadcast radio show assignment. I made a point to have all of my ideas include our character dossiers to help make them more tangible as characters.

This week was crazy with all of the audio inputs and learning how to use the different audio programs, for me both audacity and garage band were good tools for this week, I pretty much learned as I went along this week since I hadn’t used audacity since Junior year of high school in Spanish class! It was an interesting week, I can’t wait to improve more as we delve deeper into the ways of audio. :)




Another One Bites The Dust

This week was pretty hectic, not just for this class but in all of my classes! However, I thought this week was pretty fun with all of the picture taking and thinking about what is examples of noir! I also thought it was interesting when I did my reflection of my own personal experience with photography and how I actually am not a big photographer unless it comes to instagram selfies and pictures of my dogs!

For this week’s closing blog post I think I’ll start with the “major assignment” for the week which was including elements of noir into photography that you take. I had a lot of fun with this! I decided to go to the Fredericksburg train station platform at around dusk and take pictures of the environment. Here is what I captured!

Another big assignment for the week was watching two noir films and capturing still framed photos from the films to capture elements of noir. I chose the films: Killer’s Kiss and The Hitchhiker, both of which I really enjoyed. To capture the still images, I used the key strokes ctrl+command+4 (on a mac) which take a screenshot of the image. It was pretty hard to just pick three images from the two films because I kept finding more and more examples of noir in each scene.

I have to say the part of this week’s assignments that I found most enjoyable was the visual assignments from the assignment bank. All of the explanations are found in the separate blog posts for each assignment I did. So, I did the..

LOLcats with Shakespeare quote assignment;as

Favorite quote overlaid on scenery assignment;


Comparing the Past to the Present Assignment;

PicMonkey Collage

and finally, the what’s in the bag assignment for my character dossier;


To close out the week, I did my daily creates starting Friday with the paper sculpture video where I decided to create a snow flake out of paper through cutting different shapes;

Then Saturday with my instructions of an every day item where I described how to use a clickable pen and a capped pen;

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 6.59.49 PMand finally, my last creation was made today. This was to draw a picture without picking up your pencil;


All in all, I thought this week was very successful and I’m looking forward to next week! :)