Daily Creations!

Daily Create #1 – An Inspirational Poster

For this daily create, I chose one of my favorite pictures of my dogs and added a quote that pertained to dogs and life, I then used the picture and edited it on PicMonkey to overlap the words to the picture.


Daily Create #2 – Tree Art

For this assignment, I chose a picture that I took in Arizona this past summer of “The Thinking Tree.” I had already thought of this photo as artsy so I decided to mirror image it using a photo software editor and then I did some contrast coloring to make it even more abstract.


Daily Create #3 - Talking to a Stranger

In this daily create, I wrote a little excerpt from a conversation I had with someone at the gym today asking about my workout routine!



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Hello all! I'm a super outgoing junior at Mary Washington! I'm a biology major with a focus in pre-veterinary studies. :)

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