Final Frontier of The MaNOIRpulators

Aw, this was a fun run with radio shows but unfortunately even good things have to come to an end. Like I’ve said in many of my posts before, I was really concerned when I saw that there was a group project for an online class! It threw me for a bit of a loop. However, I think it was still by far one of the smoothest and most functioning group project I have ever done. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

As for how our radio show project turned out, I think we did really well collaborating on the script for the show and actually doing the execution. Unfortunately, the snow put dampers on our meeting times but we were still able to send clips to one another and get it compiled with ease. However, I wish we were able to have physically met in person! As everyone has complemented us on, our sound effects were so on point (not to toot our own horn or anything…. :) ) but I think it really tied the story together and gave it more depth!

All in all, I thought it was a fun project that came together with a really great outcome. I could not have asked for a better group to have as my partners! :)

My advice to future DS106-ers, DO NOT PUT IT OFF. Get started on it as soon as you get the assignment, not only will it be reflected in your work but it will also decrease a lot of stress for yourself.

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Hello all! I'm a super outgoing junior at Mary Washington! I'm a biology major with a focus in pre-veterinary studies. :)

One thought on “Final Frontier of The MaNOIRpulators”

  1. I agree completely! I think we did a fantastic job, and I really enjoyed working with you. Plus, your advice to future DS106’ers could not be more accurate! I know we felt a little bit of stress, but we got through it.

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