Radio Show Done, Spring Break Here I Come

This week went much more smoothly than I originally thought it would. I loved my group I got to work with! We were super great at communicating when it came to our radio show. Like always, I did some commenting on other peers’ posts this week and did my three daily creates for the week. Once this is posted I am FREE for (my not so) Spring Break!

Daily Creates

Creation #1

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 3.03.33 PM

Creation #2


Creation #3


1. An emoji story

2. My group member, Aubrey’s post about our show

3. Edith’s heel concept daily create

4. Radio Show for The SteadFast Sleuths (one of the characters has my last name!)

5. Ain’t No one Fresher Than My Clique

6.  Brian’s Weekly Summary

7.  Completing House of Noir

8.  Savannah Hating on Vimeo

9.  More daily creates 

10.  Jota’s Heel Concept

Radio Show Week 2 Summary

Linked in here I have our google document with our script and communications! All in all it is a nice little summary of how our compiling of our radio show went!




Another One Bites The Dust

This week was pretty hectic, not just for this class but in all of my classes! However, I thought this week was pretty fun with all of the picture taking and thinking about what is examples of noir! I also thought it was interesting when I did my reflection of my own personal experience with photography and how I actually am not a big photographer unless it comes to instagram selfies and pictures of my dogs!

For this week’s closing blog post I think I’ll start with the “major assignment” for the week which was including elements of noir into photography that you take. I had a lot of fun with this! I decided to go to the Fredericksburg train station platform at around dusk and take pictures of the environment. Here is what I captured!

Another big assignment for the week was watching two noir films and capturing still framed photos from the films to capture elements of noir. I chose the films: Killer’s Kiss and The Hitchhiker, both of which I really enjoyed. To capture the still images, I used the key strokes ctrl+command+4 (on a mac) which take a screenshot of the image. It was pretty hard to just pick three images from the two films because I kept finding more and more examples of noir in each scene.

I have to say the part of this week’s assignments that I found most enjoyable was the visual assignments from the assignment bank. All of the explanations are found in the separate blog posts for each assignment I did. So, I did the..

LOLcats with Shakespeare quote assignment;as

Favorite quote overlaid on scenery assignment;


Comparing the Past to the Present Assignment;

PicMonkey Collage

and finally, the what’s in the bag assignment for my character dossier;


To close out the week, I did my daily creates starting Friday with the paper sculpture video where I decided to create a snow flake out of paper through cutting different shapes;

Then Saturday with my instructions of an every day item where I described how to use a clickable pen and a capped pen;

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 6.59.49 PMand finally, my last creation was made today. This was to draw a picture without picking up your pencil;


All in all, I thought this week was very successful and I’m looking forward to next week! :)