Dear Diary…

3 stars

For this assignment I did the writing assignment entitled “Dear Diary” but instead of doing this in the perspective of a Disney Villian, I am doing it in the perspective of my noir character Sylvia while using Lawrence, Tiffany Yowell’s character as my character’s love interest.

Dear Diary,

It’s me again. I know I haven’t written in awhile but between the visits to the Black Widow and the travelling around the globe to find the murderer of Jewel’s and My friend I haven’t found the time to write anything. Diary, I think I have a crush. These are words that I never thought would come out of my mouth. A CRUSH. His name is Lawrence. He’s so mysterious and handsome. He’s a murderer, just like me! Two peas in a pod, like grandmother always used to say. I couldn’t see myself falling in love again after all of the men who I have seen mistreat their women for me but this man, Diary, he’s different. He’s unique. He give me butterflies. He’s… someone I couldn’t see myself seducing with anyone else, I want him all to myself. Alllllll mine, Diary. Heck, the jealous is rumbling inside of me just telling you about him. I write all day for a living and this is something I have found the hardest to put pen to paper on.

I love him, but could he handle my maNOIRpulating lifestyle? Could I handle his mysterious darkness?

This is ridiculous, I know this will never work. I’m too much of an evil woman who will never halt to the thought of loving a single man. I love the thrill of the murder, the thrill of the chase.. I’m not ready to commit to anything besides a murder.

Yours truly, xoxo,


What am I?

Stars 4

It’s so dark and cold, I hardly see the light of day. But when you put your hand on me and pull, all the darkness goes away. You always take from me until I’m empty, then once a week you restock me with plenty.

Pictures of your family are hung up on the front of me along with some places you’ve been but I’ve never seen. I’m always here when you’re hungry or bored, just come find something in my plethora of shelves and drawers.

Steaks, yogurt, left over pizza, aloe, and drinks galore.. I’m always waiting for you to add some more!

What am I?


I chose the topic of writing from an inanimate object’s perspective because I saw it as a challenge. I wanted to think about something that I used every day and what it could possibly be thinking, it’s also sort of like a riddle… So I left out the answer so someone can guess what it is!! :)

Sylvia, The Casanova

2 stars

This is about Sylvia, my character dossier, as an Unusual Superhero. I choose this prompt because I really like superheros and superhero movies, plus who doesn’t think it would be totally awesome to have x-ray vision or mind read! Plus, it’s creating an alter-ego which is fictitious but lets you outlet the imagination of super powers! These powers encompass her as the villainous casanova she is.

Sylvia has the uncanny ability to make men fall hopelessly in love with her by the blink of her long lashes. No doubt Sylvia one of the most attractive women in Chicago but she is also by far the most talked about. She has the ability to manipulate people into giving her what she wants through her hypnotic eyes and the sweet “spill all” powder that flies from her lips when she blows a kiss. Being a professional writer for the Chicago tribune, her powers and vivacious looks allow her to get information on any person at any point in time giving her all the beans to spill in the public paper to ultimately ruin peoples lives. She feels no remorse for using her hypnotic and irresistible powers for her own benefit. This woman is a villain dressed in a silky red dress and cherry red lips, don’t be fool by her charming wit, humor, and sense of style.


Plot Twist

3 stars

The piece I decided to write an alternative ending to is The Wild Party by Joseph Moncure March. I choose this piece for multiple reasons, one being I like to read poetry, 2 everyone else was doing “The Postman Always Rings Twice,” and lastly because I was really disappointed with the way the poem ended! I was looking for a little more drama and heartbreak. So I went again and did an ending to the story in poetic form, like the author, but with a different twist.

“Look out!” shot Queenie’s warning scream:

“Look out! — he’s got a gun!

Look out!”

Black made for him with a shout.

The gun roared and a loud shrilled

No one knew who he had killed.

Black grabbed Queenie by the wrist and took her last breath with his

final kiss.

The gun hit the floor

and Burrs bolted out the door.

He grabbed Alex by the hand

while saying good bye to the band.

Then right on cue,  the cops showed up to check on the noise complaint,

Little did they know they arrived too late.

Burrs was gone and so was Queenie,

Black kissed her lips and closed her eyes ever so cleanly.

Black reported to the cops what had happened

but he was not stopping until he got the revenge satisfaction.

I chose to make this an open ended ending, I like when there is a chance for something further to be written about and to leave a cliff hanger to wonder what Black is going to next! It leaves an aura of mystery and thrill.  I made it so Queenie died in the end because that is how I was actually expecting the story to go because of how abusive and how irate and jealous Burrs was with her hanging out with Black. Also, making Black look like the hero by wanted to avenge his lady who he had just met, I thought that made their love look more sincere.


Random Words with Agent Squirrel

2 stars

Random Words: hatchet, mighty, number, console, agent immunity, narcotic, powerful, division, vixen

Animal: Squirrel

Agent squirrel gained powerful immunity against the mighty drug lord squirrel who sold a number of  narcotic tree nuts. Agent squirrel went to console him after the vixen squirrel of his drug division was viciously murdered by a hatchet during hunting season.

This little narrative about Agent Squirrel was actually really fun to write. I liked the challenge of picking words at random from the random word generator and coming up with an off the wall story. I chose the animal of squirrel because 1. they’re all over UMW’s campus and 2. my mom thinks it’s a good nickname for me for some odd reason (I also kinda like the furry fellas). I’m not super thrilled with the outcome of the story but considering the were some random words that did not really have anything to do with each other I’d say I did a dang good job! ;)

Turkey Day!

2 stars

The crisp, cool air and the smell of food cooking in the house.  Walking into a steaming hot kitchen, along with the sounds of clanging pans and the ruckus of all of the out-of-state family members.

Food is on the stove, in the oven, and the turkey is being fried in the backyard. My dad is running in and out checking out the turkey with a cold one in his right hand. The football game is playing in the living room, the Cowboys are on as per usual.  My grandpa is kicked back in his lazy boy teasing the dogs, my aunt is hollering at her three kids who are always up to some kind of mischief, and my stepmom is slaving away in the kitchen ordering me around to help.

I also get summoned to the kitchen, especially when it’s time to add the marshmallows to the top of the sweet potato casserole — which of course is my favorite part of the dinner.

Finally, we all gather around to load our plates up with all of the goodies: green bean casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, corn, turkey, and croissant rolls. (This is of course after we argue about who gets to go in and get their food first — it’s the polite thing to do ;) ). Once the commotion of everyone getting their food is over, we sit down and have our feast. My grandpa has his plate back with him in his lazy boy chair — sharing it all with the dogs.

Once all of the meal has finished, I truck myself, full belly and all, to my mother’s house to have another meal. Forget the dessert when you have a second meal to attend to! I drive 20 minutes to join my mom and her boyfriend’s family for an equally as appetizing feast.

Soon as every meal has been vanquished and the desserts have been gnawed on, we go to bed in our tryptophan comas and sleep in heavenly peace until next year.

I’m thankful that once every year, the aroma of cooking food and the crispy cool air takes me back to the comfort of family and giving thanks.

Side note: this was my grandmother’s favorite holiday. When she passed away 3 years ago, I tried to keep the traditions of homemade food and assisting with keeping the spirit alive every Thanksgiving Holiday.