Another One Bites The Dust

This week was pretty hectic, not just for this class but in all of my classes! However, I thought this week was pretty fun with all of the picture taking and thinking about what is examples of noir! I also thought it was interesting when I did my reflection of my own personal experience with photography and how I actually am not a big photographer unless it comes to instagram selfies and pictures of my dogs!

For this week’s closing blog post I think I’ll start with the “major assignment” for the week which was including elements of noir into photography that you take. I had a lot of fun with this! I decided to go to the Fredericksburg train station platform at around dusk and take pictures of the environment. Here is what I captured!

Another big assignment for the week was watching two noir films and capturing still framed photos from the films to capture elements of noir. I chose the films: Killer’s Kiss and The Hitchhiker, both of which I really enjoyed. To capture the still images, I used the key strokes ctrl+command+4 (on a mac) which take a screenshot of the image. It was pretty hard to just pick three images from the two films because I kept finding more and more examples of noir in each scene.

I have to say the part of this week’s assignments that I found most enjoyable was the visual assignments from the assignment bank. All of the explanations are found in the separate blog posts for each assignment I did. So, I did the..

LOLcats with Shakespeare quote assignment;as

Favorite quote overlaid on scenery assignment;


Comparing the Past to the Present Assignment;

PicMonkey Collage

and finally, the what’s in the bag assignment for my character dossier;


To close out the week, I did my daily creates starting Friday with the paper sculpture video where I decided to create a snow flake out of paper through cutting different shapes;

Then Saturday with my instructions of an every day item where I described how to use a clickable pen and a capped pen;

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 6.59.49 PMand finally, my last creation was made today. This was to draw a picture without picking up your pencil;


All in all, I thought this week was very successful and I’m looking forward to next week! :)




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