Closing Thoughts

What a crazy week, learning how to use audio and how to mix different sounds together to actually create something is a lot harder than it looks, especially to make it sound flawless. It definitely takes a lot of time and effort. There wasn’t a lot to do this week but it was all pretty time consuming so I’ll go ahead and do a quick breakdown with all of my work from the week!

Audio reflection

So the first thing I did this week was a reflection upon the different forms of audio in opening shots of Touch of Evil, read some literature on music and its enhancement in “The Ambience of Film Noir- Soundscapes, Design and Mood” by Helen Hanson, and participated in a live tweet along with some fellow Ds106ers while listening to DS106 radio! My favorite part of this assignment was by far the live tweet along, so many of us were thinking the same way!

Daily creates

As always, this is my ultimate favorite part of the week! I did the two daily creates and they both happened to be little creations with visuals so I was extra excited about this especially with all the audio going on it was nice to have a little break up from that!

I’m Sorry DC


DS106 Your Car DC


DS106 Radio bumper

This was the biggest part of this week, this is something that is going to be posted on the DS106 radio for everyone to hear. Considering my non-savviness with audio, this probably gave me the most anxiety this week! I used audacity to record myself saying something about DS106 radio and tried to give it a techno/eerie vibe! I decided to go ahead and just do it! Here it is:

weekly assignments

3.5 stars – Sound Effects Story

For this assignment I used a mash up of different sound effects that I thought would create a story and then I mashed them together in logical order. I came up with the idea of a texting and driving car crash… Which is evident through the sounds I used.

3.5 – Music Mash up

I took two different songs with similar ideas behind them and compiled them together to create one song. I found this to be the hardest thing I did this week but I did it!

1 star – Recording of Favorite Quote

In this assignment, I did a voice over of my favorite quote from one of my favorite movies and paired it with music from the movie to help people guess the movie it’s from! :)

broadcast brainstorming

For this I simply made a list of some ideas for the broadcast radio show assignment. I made a point to have all of my ideas include our character dossiers to help make them more tangible as characters.

This week was crazy with all of the audio inputs and learning how to use the different audio programs, for me both audacity and garage band were good tools for this week, I pretty much learned as I went along this week since I hadn’t used audacity since Junior year of high school in Spanish class! It was an interesting week, I can’t wait to improve more as we delve deeper into the ways of audio. :)




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  1. Your daily create are super cute. I really liked your caption for your puppy picture. He sure looks like he made a mess.

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