Radio Show Week 1 of 2, down!

This week was just the beginning to the start of two crazy weeks but it’ll be manageable. A lot of logistical things and assignments went on this week so to me it was just prep for the bigger picture — THE RADIO SHOW, duh. So here is a break down of all that I did this week.

The first part of my week started on Monday at 9pm (good thing because we had a snow day the next day! :) )! I did the live tweet along to “Strangers on a Train” on  #DS106radio, which as always was super fun! I finally had the pleasure of actually interacting with Burtis on twitter! :) I also enjoy the conversation on there, even if it isn’t direct. Everyone pretty much is thinking the same way and the witty comments that everyone posts are always entertaining!

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During the course of the week I decided to work on my 10 stars of audio assignments!
My first 4 stars of the week I dedicated to my character dossier, Sylvia for her theme music!

The next 4 stars of the week were a conversation between Dory from Finding Nemo and myself!

Lastly, I dedicated my last 2 stars to my character dossier once again. This time it is for a bird call to actually attract Sylvia!

Another thing I did for the week was create a visual for my group’s radio show! I decided to combine a silhouette of three people and put our group name “The MaNOIRpulators” with a short saying below it, just to give a feel for what we have in store for our show!


Of course, throughout the course of this week, I’ve been commenting on fellow peers’ posts about their progress for the week and how they’ve been doing. I really have enjoyed everything I’ve heard and seen thus far! I can’t wait to see the completed projects at the end of next week!  Here are the posts I have commented on this week!

1. One of the assignments I commented on was by Spencer! It was a commercial promoting the buying of fedora hats.

2. Stephanie’s commercial about joining the Boston PD!

3. Sarah’s Spooky Hotel Sounds! These actually gave me goosebumps!

4. Apparently, I have a knack for posting comments on Spencer’s stuff but I really liked his “Noir We There Yet?” bumper sticker.

5.  Erin’s bird call for her character dossier! I gave her some constructive criticism using what someone else told me #criticismception!

6.  The fake radio commercial for the Horsemen! Such a cute idea.

7. Erin’s conversation with Elvis.

8.  Breakfast Club Conversation! Loved it!

9.  Jota’s sounds of relaxation, I hated this just because it made me miss summer!!! :)

10. Stephanie’s dramatic reading with OneRepublic!

To end the week, I did my summary of radio show week 1. It’s been pretty interesting and not too complicated thus far. I’m excited to see the outcomes of everyone’s radio shows.




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