Weekly Report!

This was a pretty light week, you know considering we’re forming agencies that are going to follow us for the rest of our DS106 Careers and all! I’m so glad I got back with my girls and reunite to form an official agency!

Our agency is called BWA (Black Widow Agency) consisting of our Founder, Margret, Cofounder, Edie and Jewel, and a top agent, me — Sylvia Stone. Check out our website to learn more about us. We all worked together to make this agency (and the website) what it is!

The next large portion of this week was the 10 stars of assignments. I actually had a lot of fun with these! (I even went a little over the stars limit!

The Buzzfeed Quiz – 3 stars

Agency Business Card – 2 stars

My Pinterest – 2 stars

My Resume – 3 stars

Of course, we also have our usual daily creates, however this week was only two which is a light week for us! I did a daily create for Black’s birthday and the daily create for the kindle book cover for DS106!

Finally, we have the general commenting on peers works to see their progress. I love see how the other agencies are forming, but ours is still the best! :)





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