Learn and fulfill duties that are equivalent to my already obtained skill set. 







LA Time Columnist

I wrote controversial subjects on the current happenings. I was specifically useful for the crime scene investigation writings and most wanted articles.

Black Widow Agency Head Agent                                         Present

After the BWA saw my handy work when it came to being an informative writer, the ladies asked me to join the agency and to be their top agent. I am an informant and I take care of matters that could jeopardize the agency… If I tell you anymore I will have to kill you.







Black Widow Preparatory School                                           

Considering I dropped out of high school my freshman year, I went directly into the writing business and learned the trick of the trade at an early age. Not many people are lucky enough to have that opportunity. However, years later, the BWA sent me an acceptance letter, after not even having applied, to their preparatory school for agents.  







I have an acquired set of skills that range from writing to being able to snipe someone from 300 ft away. Not many women can say this. I would like to thank BWA for helping me acquire these skills and allowing me to use the skills I already have to make me a successful agent. I have a quick wit about myself and a keen sense when it comes to reading another’s personality. This is why I am such a crucial element to any agency.