Jessica Rabbit as Sylvia Stone

4 stars

For this Video Assignment, I did the character description assignment where you’re supposed to use found video clips to compile a video that would describe the personality of a character. I put a little twist on this assignment and used Jessica Rabbit to portray the character of my Noir Character Sylvia Stone! Sylvia Stone is a man slaying, jaw dropping, bombshell who likes to entice men into falling in love with her and from these video clips, she does just that. I’m using this to also include another noir character from our class to be the seductee, which is Lawrence, Tiffany Yowell’s noir character. He is actually falling for the seduction of Sylvia.

In order to create this video, I went on youtube to find some clips of Jessica Rabbit. After I had found some that I really thought would fit the character of Sylvia, I put them through the Vid4 Video Converter so I could add them into iMovie on my computer to start the mesh and copying/pasting process.