Do you even Radio? Week 2

At first I was really nervous about the idea of an online group project but I was really happy with how well my group collaborated on everything! First, we established a group text with me, Aubrey, Kendall, and Brianne. Then Kendall went ahead and created our google doc, where we started our collaboration for the dialogue! This went really smoothly because we all left notes and added to the dialogue as we went a long.. (Side Note – I think google docs is the coolest thing ever!). After this, we determined that our next step was to start the recording process!

We started our own recordings for our dialogue! For this I just used the google document to read the dialogue aloud and recorded my parts through audacity. I used some voice inflection to make sure my emotion fit what was actually happening in the skit so I did not sound monotoned. I sent the recordings and my radio bumper to Kendall so she could compile all of our sounds into one recording.

Group texting and google documents was our best source of communication for this project and personally I think it went very smoothly considering the awful weather that got in our way and using media to communicate! I was really lucky to have awesome group members, we all were open to suggestions and were able to make decisions together and with ease! :)

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Hello all! I'm a super outgoing junior at Mary Washington! I'm a biology major with a focus in pre-veterinary studies. :)

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  1. I agree. I was never familiar with google docs before but it was so helpful I wish I had used it in previous group projects. Glad to hear everything went well even with the bad weather.

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