Let’s Get Blitzy

For this week’s DesignBlitz assignment, I carried around my handy-dandy iPhone and took pictures of things I thought fit the description of design. This was a lot harder than I was expecting considering I don’t have much of an eye for things that are design-y or artsy! Many of these pictures I took inside of the cupcake shop Sweet Reasons, I even got myself a cupcake out of it!

COLOR – Chocolate Covered Cherry

I thought this picture best represented color because of the pop of color that the red of the cherry and the cake have on the black plate background and the chocolate gnocchi icing. Color in design does not have to be an overwhelming amount of color, it can just be a simple one color that stands out in the whole display.


Topography/Form/Unity/balance – Love thy Cupcake

First of all, I thought this saying was super cute so it caught my eye right off the bat. Then, it clicked, this is topography! It’s swirly, enticing writing that captures the eye and creates design. Not only does this have the writing but it also has a multitude of color and shapes to enhance the design. I would say the circles and design of the background that the topography is on represents form and the colors represent the unity of the painting. The colors provide a color scheme but it is not harsh nor drastic, it flows smoothly and all of the colors go nicely together creating a nice balance.


┬áMESSAGE – Honor is a way of life

This is a picture from campus walk at UMW during a snow flurry! The flag on the light post is design itself. Someone had to come up with the idea to put the writing vertically on the side of the flag and determine the color scheme of it. The design of this, along with the words, portray a message. The design of it makes it more intriguing and invites people to look at it while portraying the message of “Honor is a Way of Life”.


Proportion and Rhythm – Cupcake duo

This is a picture of my friend and my cupcakes (one is black and white and the other is chocolate covered cherry)! This portrays rhythm through the repetition of the table as the background. It is continuous and a consistent pattern. It is also very eye catching.  The proportions aspect is seen through the depth from one cupcake to the other, the black and white cupcake is smaller than the cherry cupcake because that one is close than the B&W. This is portraying depth and the proportionality of the cupcakes from different depths.



This is a picture of my black and white cupcake and I thought it was the epitome of minimalism because of the simplicity of the single chocolate chip piece on the plain white icing. It portrays simplicity and elegance, yet has a sense of design even though it is minuscule in the whole picture.


I enjoyed taking pictures of the beautiful cupcakes and I also enjoyed the process of eating them afterwards as well! I’m glad my friend and I spontaneously decided to get cupcakes, it definitely was a pot of gold in my design blitz for the week!